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Rich campus life

We believe in educating the whole person through rigorous academic studies and plentiful cultural experiences. We encourage you to immerse yourself in campus life at Loyola by taking advantage of the many services we have to offer.


How to Get Things Done in the College of AweSome

In the College of Arts and Sciences, requests for almost everything should be directed as follows...

CAS students with last names A-J, Sara Clark,

CAS students with last names K-Z, Lis Lee,

  • Students: Please put your name and ID# in the Subject of every email
  • Faculty: Please put the name and ID# of the student about whom you are inquiring in the Subject of every email

College of Business students, please see

College of Music and Media students, please see

Follow the links below for help electronically submitting information. Please keep the following points in mind.

  • Most transactions can be completed with a detailed, communicative email.
  • If one of the items below indicates the need for an actual form instead of an email, many options exist including using the free Adobe Reader software's "Fill and Sign" function. (Check your computer's start menu before using that link -- you may already have the program. Use with caution: This site offers the free version and a paid version, where you only need the free version. Also take care to UNcheck the boxes that download other software.) Please do not lock form against editing, or embed a pdf in the body of an email -- include pdfs and jpegs as attachments.
  • Fill out forms electronically, and then email them.
  • If handwritten,
    • scan the form, then email, or
    • take a picture of both sides of a form with your phone, then email.
  • Whether an item needs one signature or multiple approvals, organize your emails carefully so that all the information is in one thread. This email option is provided to make the form easier for you to complete so you don't have to obtain signatures in person across campus. For multiple signatures, you might email one person at a time, and then forward to the next person, and so on, or it might be effective to email ALL the parties at the same time (including yourself and the final recipient/s), and ask them to give their approval electronically via the email. No office is responsible for collecting signatures on your behalf.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page for a listing of all the directories and ways to find contact information for professors and offices 
  • See also the University Bulletin where all the rules, regulations, policies, and other fine-print of the University appears.


Cross-Enrollment/Consortium - Spring 2023 now being accepted...


Seat-Cards (Getting Special Permission to Join a Full or Waitlisted Course, or to Late-Add)

Instead of seat-cards, email the professor of the desired course for permission to join. If they give their written permission to join the course, forward that written message via email to Student Records:

In the Subject of the Email: Include your name, CWID#, and the full course-code the course you're adding.


ADD or DROP a Minor 


Request a Double-Major


Independent Studies

Faculty: Please download and complete the Independent Study form (click here for an easy to fill out Word version), and prepare a course syllabus. Note that the syllabus must contain a grading scale and a breakdown of assignments and grading policy; syllabi without this information cannot be accepted. Please email the signed document & syllabus to: 

CAS students with last names A-J, Sara Clark,

CAS students with last names K-Z, Lis Lee,


Request 21 credits in the Fall or Spring, or more than 12 credits over the Summer

CAS students with last names A-J, Sara Clark,

CAS students with last names K-Z, Lis Lee,


Auditing a Course

See policy in the Bulletin Regulations area here:

Then email Kathy Gros,, from your account, including your full name and ID# in the Subject of the email.

State your desire to audit the course, and give the full course-code, course-title, section number, and instructor, along with the semester in which you wish to audit the course.


Request for Permission to take Courses at Another University (Summer only)


Change of Grades

Faculty: The deadline for submitting a change of grade is 6 weeks into the following semester. Please email the full name of the student and their CWID number, along with the course-code, section number, name of the course, and the semester in which the class was taken, as well as an explanation of why the the grade-change is being requested to Leonard Kahn (


Request for an Incomplete

Please read the every part of the policy completely before downloading the form.


  • Students: EMAIL a completed pdf or a scan or a picture of your hard-copy to your professor (see directories and search options at the bottom of this page)
  • Faculty: EMAIL a completed pdf or a scan or a picture of your hard-copy to Associate Dean Kahn,


Application for Academic Amnesty

Please read every part of the policy before downloading the form.

When the form is complete, copy all of the below as appropriate:

CAS students with last names A-J, Sara Clark,

CAS students with last names K-Z, Lis Lee,

If you are in the Honors program copy Dr. Peterson and Ms. DiMaggio too: and

The Dean's office will forward this to Student Records on your behalf when approved.


Grade Appeals


Course Withdrawals

Short version:

  • Download the form, then fill out the form on your computer, and attach it to an email
  • Make the Subject of the email very specific: Name, ID, and "Withdrawing from SUBJ###"
  • CC, your faculty advisor, and your instructor

Longer version:

Link to the "Single Course Withdrawal" form, or download an easy-to-fill Word version here, or copy and paste this link into your browser:

You can do this digitally without circulating a hard-copy form or obtaining hard-copy signatures, just be sure to cc your professor, your advisor, AND

  • Obtain all the necessary signatures -- over email is okay, and approvals written out in the email itself are okay.
  • Organize this with care to ensure that all your approvals are in one continuous thread with your form attached before you send it to
  • This email option is provided to make the form easier for you to complete so you don't have to obtain signatures in person across campus. Student Records is NOT responsible for collecting signatures on your behalf.
  • Please DO include your instructor too -- they need to know so they can update their rosters and records.
  • For the "advisor" line: Contact your departmental faculty advisor, or department Chairperson, or if you're in the Exploratory Studies program, your Student Success Center contact (click here to jump to the instructions for finding all the contact information at the bottom of this webpage).
  • This form does NOT come to your Dean's office.
  • When approved: Forward your signatures-thread emails with the form to from your account.
  • Include your full name and ID# in the Subject of the email along with the words "Course Withdrawal."

For Withdrawal dates and deadlines, click here for the Academic Calendars, or copy and paste this link into your browser:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your CAS college-level advisors:

CAS students with last names A-J, Sara Clark,

CAS students with last names K-Z, Lis Lee,


University Withdrawals & Leaves of Absence

Short version:

Longer version:


Study Abroad Applications

The form to get your future classes approved starts at Center for International Education. While the University transitions to the new operating system, you will likely need to use both your U-Achieve account and your new-LORA account to figure out what requirements you still need to schedule. Classes taken in Summer 2022 and forward will ONLY show in your new-LORA account. Print or pdf a copy of your Uachieve, and write in the classes from new-LORA in the appropriate spots to get a safe picture of what remains to be addressed. Students who started in the Fall of 2022 can rely entirely upon the Progress tab in new LORA. 

Who needs to approve? No matter what you're taking, you must copy your Major Advisor.

If you are taking classes in the Major, copy your Major Advisor and your Major Chairperson.

If taking classes for a Minor, also copy your Minor Advisor.

If you are in the Honors program copy Dr. Peterson and Ms. DiMaggio: and

Include your Dean's Office advisor in your email -- they need to approve overall, and they need a record for your files, but they also approve any courses intended for the Loyola Core and for General Electives:

CAS students with last names A-J, Sara Clark,

CAS students with last names K-Z, Lis Lee,


To link to the Student Records FORMS page

Click here or copy and past this link into your browser:


DPCLs (Degree-Program Course-Listing) & Minor tracking sheets

For new students, use the DPCL or Minor sheet of the current year found in the current Bulletin.

For existing students, use the DPCL or Minor sheet of the year you started at Loyola, found in the Bulletin Archives.


Change of Major or College Electronic Form

This electronic form is for the use of existing students only, no signatures needed.

New students starting their first semester should NOT use this until we pass the Drop-classes Deadline (usually the 2nd Friday after school starts) -- email your summer-advisor or your college level advisor instead.


Resources for new students (and reminders for current students)

Click here for time-sensitive items of which to be aware at the start of your semester.



Your Student Success contact and your faculty advisor will both be listed in your LORA account at the Advisor link under the Student Records menu. 

LORA (through the Single-Sign-On) > Student Records menu > Advisor link


For a directory of College of Arts and Sciences Department Chairpersons, Faculty Members, and Administrative Assistants, click here, or copy and paste this link into your browser

Choose the department you seek, and then click on the Faculty & Staff tab in the menu running along the top of the page. 

Scroll down the page.


To search for faculty or staff by first or last name, click here:


Other contacts:

Admissions, Send all transcripts via or via regular mail to 6363 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118.

Student Records,, 504 865 3237 (additional help with registration, transcripts, leave of absence or return from leave of absence)

Financial Aid,, 504 865 3333

Student Health Services, 504 865 3868

Residential Life,, 504 865 2445

General Questions via Student Affairs, 504 865 3428

Dean’s office, College of Arts and Sciences: Email all inquiries to...

CAS students with last names A-J, Sara Clark,

CAS students with last names K-Z, Lis Lee,

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