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Request a Double-Major

These instructions are only for students in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

College of Business students, see

College of Music and Media students, see

Qualified students who have completed two full semesters of their freshmen year and have earned a minimum GPA of 3.0  may pursue two majors. Students must successfully complete the Loyola Core requirements of the first major; any additional, named, Loyola Core requirements specific to the second major; plus all of the major and adjunct requirements for both programs (including language requirements). Students complete the comprehensive and/or exit examination requirements for both majors. Courses listed in the adjunct column for any declared major are treated the same as general electives and may be applied to a 2nd major or minor.  

Students who complete the requirements for two majors will only receive one degree from Loyola. The degree is based on the student's primary major. 

Transcripts will indicate the bachelor's degree awarded as well as the two majors. 

Students who pursue majors in different degrees, such as Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Business Administration, must declare as their primary degree whichever requires the higher number of major and adjunct hours. 

Please note that CAS students who want to add a 2nd Major housed in either the College of Business or the College of Music and Media must make the college of Business or College of Music and Media their PRIMARY Major, and make the CAS Major the 2nd Major after they have transitioned. This ensures that the more challenging and electively-challenged Major gets proper attention and advisement.



1. Prepare an email with the below information in the SUBJECT line of your email:

First and Last name, Campus-wide ID#, Request 2nd Major in SUBJECT

For example: Jane Smith, ID#12345678 – Requesting 2nd Major in English


2. Send to:

CAS students with last names A-J, Sara Clark,

CAS students with last names K-Z, Elisabeth Lee,

CAS Honors Students A-Z, Christina DiMaggio,


3. If approved, you will receive confirmation from your college-level advisor, and your new requirements will appear in your Progress account (in LORA), usually the next day.

Access LORA through your Single-Sign-On Portal.


4. Hard-copy DPCL tracking sheets can be printed from the Bulletin for catalog years up to AY 22-23. For subsequent years, lists of required courses can be found in the Bulletin instead:

Requirements may be different for students depending on what year they started at Loyola.


If you started at Loyola in the current year, go to the current Bulletin, here:


If you started in an earlier year, go to the Bulletin Archives here


Then navigate to College of Arts and Sciences, and then to the department, and print or bookmark the tracking document.


Official Bulletin Policy: