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CAS Consortium/Cross-Enrollment - Electronic Request Submission

Requests for Fall 2024 can be submitted as follows:

  • Dillard, starting March 19, 2024 
  • Xavier, starting April 8, 2024
  • Tulane, starting April 22, 2024 (this will continue to be self-registration by Loyola students on the Tulane side after the Loyola registration is in the system) 


Please read all the instructions before downloading the form. Students who wish to take Language at Tulane should research Tulane Language Placement before attempting to cross-enroll. As of 4.15.24 Tulane publishes this link regarding same:

  • Errors or missing information in the "Loyola Equivalent" column may delay your request (see notes below***)
  • Please don't forget to indicate the school you are requesting -- x by the target school at the top of the form.

Download the form, and fill it in any way that works:

  • If you you fill it in by hand, then scan it or take a picture with your phone, and email.
  • If you use the free Adobe Reader "Fill and Sign" function (be careful not to lock it against editing), then save it to file and email.

For the actual signatures, if you do not have access to a scanner, type your name in the signature line.

If the form gives you too much trouble, we can work with your written statement that you wish to be enrolled, and your advisor's written affirmation that they approve of your request. Send to:

CAS students with last names A-J, Sara Clark,

CAS students with last names K-Z, Elisabeth Lee,

CAS Honors Students A-Z, Christina DiMaggio,


1. Enrolling

2. Withdrawing (scroll down)


1. Enrolling

Attach the completed form to an email and send to


Your academic faculty advisor (see the Advisor link in your LORA account)…


Your department Chairperson (search for your department and click the Faculty/Staff tab – the Chair will be the first listing)

--AND one of the below--

CAS students with last names A-J, Sara Clark,

CAS students with last names K-Z, Elisabeth Lee,

CAS Honors Students A-Z, Christina DiMaggio,

NOTE: Department approval not needed for ROTC or Marching Band. Complete form and send directly to Ms. Clark, Ms. DiMaggio, or Ms. Lee.


***How to fill in the column labeled “Loyola Equivalent”

In case it helps clarify your intentions, here is a link to the Loyola Course Catalog:

Give either the exact course-code the course is equivalent to at Loyola –OR— if it makes more sense, tell how you want the course to be used in your degree-plan. Which requirement is this course supposed to fulfill?

Check your Progress tab in LORA before submitting the form, and make sure you actually need what you’re asking for. If you don’t need it for a requirement and already know that it’s going to count in General Elective, write General Elective.

Other Common Examples:

  • If taking, for example, Microbiology, for an Advanced Biology Elective, put down the actual course equivalent at Loyola which is BIOLA300. For most science, math, and psychology classes, you’ll be able to list the exact course equivalent.
  • If taking a course to count as a Major elective, specify which one (Criminological Analysis/Victimology/Corrections/Literature/Writing/Environment-Sociology/Environment-Humanities, etc./American History/European History/Non-US or Euro/Major elective for French, Spanish, or Latin American Studies/Political Science/Sociology, etc.)
  • If taking a course for ROTC, there will be no equivalent at Loyola, but the course will be used in General Elective, so write General Elective.

CAS Students: Download the pdf of the cross-enrollment form here. 

CAS Students: If this is a better format for you, download the Word version here.


Once your course is in the Loyola system, for all but *Tulane, you must forward the same completed form to the registrar at the other school.

Xavier – or 

NOTE: Xavier has an additional in-house form that they require you to submit to complete registration -- it's only available through Xavier. 

Dillard –

Notre Dame –

*For Loyola students cross-enrolling at Tulane: Once logged at Loyola, Tulane will email you instructions of how to self register. If you have any issues, contact

Save and follow any and all directions you receive from both schools.


- - - - -


To Withdraw* from a Consortium class, email the Office of Student Records at both schools at the same time – put your full name and ID# in the Subject, and list the course/s from which you wish to Withdraw.

Loyola –

Tulane –

Xavier – or

Dillard –

Notre Dame –

*Deadlines are the responsibility of the Student – missing a deadline may jeopardize your standing and cause you additional work. Please see and place upon your calendar the important deadlines found on the Academic Calendars according to length of session here:

Loyola Academic Calendars

Official Bulletin Link