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Department of Languages & Cultures

Think and live globally (and get smarter as a side effect!)

The knowledge of other languages and cultures is a hallmark of a liberal arts education for several very good reasons: of course, the primary benefits are:

  • Broadening you own perspective and understanding the world better
  • The language itself, the knowledge of other cultures, and the advantages these give you in today’s job market. 

However, all the current research also points to the general cognitive benefits of studying/speaking a 2nd language!  That is, learning a 2nd language is an exercise in cognitive problem solving and the effects of 2nd language instruction are directly transferable to the areas math, science, writing and countless other skills.  Our courses are designed to maximize these benefits!

Whether you are a major, a minor, or simply interested in taking a few classes, you will learn to express yourself in your 2nd (or 3rd!) language and at the same time you’ll become a better problem-solver in all your other areas of study!  You’ll learn to think and live globally, and develop skills and talents that are increasingly significant in the contemporary world and workforce.   Why study a language?


The Department of Languages and Cultures offers major degrees in French, Spanish and Latin American Studies. You can also study German, Japanese, Italian, Arabic and Chinese. Courses in our program are also a part of the interdisciplinary Asian Studies Minor and the Latin American Studies minor. In addition to helping students acquire proficiency in a 2nd language, our courses teach all aspects of culture, including history, film and linguistics. Learn more about our programs of study »


The Department of Languages and Cultures offers many undergraduate research opportunities. Learn more »

Faculty Success

Dr. Lisbeth Philip becomes one of the first Certified Court Interpreters for the Louisiana Supreme Court

Two years ago, Lisbeth Philip, Ph.D., helped launch Loyola University New Orleans’ Spanish/English Translation and Interpreting Certificate Program, the first in the Gulf Coast region. On June 25, Philip made history again, becoming one of the first five Certified Court Interpreters for the Louisiana Supreme Court.  Philip, who is academic director of Loyola’s Translation and Interpreting Program, was sworn in by The Hon. Jeannette Theriot Knoll ’66, J.D.

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Student Success

French-o-Thon 2015

Our first edition of the "FRENCHOTHON: a trivia competition on France" drew 30 students who participated actively during the 75-minute session on October 21, 2015. The students' majors were varied, and the winners received some amazing prizes!
Here are the winners followed by their major and their respective score:

- 1st place: Kelsey Van Dam (Biology) 84%

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Loyola Teacher Certification

Teach Secondary School Science, Math, Language and more

Common Curriculum

The Common Curriculum embraces an interdisciplinary approach to learning.