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Graduating Spanish/LAS and French seniors give Capstone presentations together in 2022

Three Latin American Studies and Spanish seniors presented their final, culminating projects together with the three French seniors who gave their Capstone presentations on April 28. Pictured here are the six senior presenters: (left to right) Roux Fernandez, Kimberly Diaz, Sabah Bashi, Christophe Cogerino, Ella Cogerino, and Catherine Boudreaux flanked by Spanish/LAS professor Dr. Pablo Zavala (left) and French professor, Dr. Stacey Battis (right).

Here is the complete Capstone program listing the six students who participated this year and the titles of their projects.

"Muslims and Hispanic Cultures: From Andalusia to the Palestinian Diaspora" by Sabah Bashi, Latin American Studies


"Peru's "El Sendero Luminoso"" by Kimberly Diaz, History International Studies, with a concentration on Latin American Studies


"Abolishing Imaginary Borders and Binaries" by Roux Fernandez, Latin American Studies


“The Role of French Identity in the Socio-Economic Problems of Marseille” by Catherine Boudreaux, French


“The World of Jacques Tati” by Christophe Cogerino, French 


“France and the Fight Against Climate Change” by Ella Cogerino, French