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Graduating Spanish and LAS seniors give Capstone presentations

Latin American Studies and Spanish seniors presented their final, culminating projects in a series of short, snappy, 7-minute presentations at the Capstone event held on April 21. Thirteen seniors gave their presentations ranging in topics from the exploration of Latine and Indigenous events and identities to a decolonial perspective on Chagas Disease prevention in Central America. LAS Senior Abby Trahant had her final project, the play "Rabinal Achi: Xajoj Tun," (pictured) performed in its entirety earlier in the month at Loyola University's outdoor theater. Here is the Capstone program listing all of the students who participated this year and the titles of their projects.

“Rabinal Achí: Xajoj Tun: An Exploration of Latine and Indigenous Events and Identities” by Abby Trahant, Latin American Studies  


 "El Silencio: Fruta Prohibida del Teatro de Lorca" 

            by Anderson Leal, Spanish


“Through the Smoke: Nation-making, Neoliberalism and la Cocina Tradicional Mexicana”

            by Sasha Solano-McDaniel, Latin American Studies


 “El Efecto Dominó de la Lucha por Independencia Catalana”

           by Carly Farber, Spanish


 “EcoHealth: a decolonial perspective on Chagas Disease prevention in Central America"

          by Kyla Evans, Latin American Studies


 "Reapropiación y curación latinx a través del mito de Coyolxauhqui"

          by Regina Nicosia, Spanish


"Connections between global capitalism, neoliberalism, and violence against women"

          by Emily Denvir, Latin American Studies


 “Marcos indígenas en la traducción de ‘El Inventor’ de Luis de Lión”

           by Jonathan Marshall, Spanish


"Chagas Disease: the fruit of Guatemala's systemic disparities?"

           by Vanessa Sotres, Latin American Studies                       


"Efectos de Covid en inmigrantes y estudiantes que aprenden inglés"

            by Ella (Gabriela) Brewer, Spanish


"Rejecting a Colonial History: Writing as a Tool for Cultural Identity and Preservation"

            by Tori (Victoria) Perrie, Latin American Studies


  “La lucha contra el sistema por el asilo”

           by Andrea Watterson, Spanish


 “Women in the Mexican Revolution through photography”

         by Cecilia Llull, Latin American Studies