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Classical Studies

“I would trade all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.” -- Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

Classical Studies provides students with more than knowledge of the language, art, literature, philosophy, and faith of the Greek and Roman world; Classical Studies also preserves the birth of humanity’s intellectual and artistic exploration of our world and ourselves. By studying how the ancients asked and answered questions about the nature of what it means to be human, we become better able to fully understand and participate in how we do so in the present. In keeping with that tradition, Classical Studies at Loyola is also a fundamental part of the Ignatian values of engaged and conscious living, of being women and men for others, and of the dictum of magis.

Throughout their major or minor coursework, our students learn to think critically, write well and, more importantly, to fall in love with the Classical tradition of a life-long engagement with learning.

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Greek and Latin Placement Exams


Whether studying the original languages of Latin or Greek, texts in translation, or the ancient arts and cultures, Classic Studies students learn to interpret various types of texts and media, developing the ability to understand and analyze the modes of expression and communication from antiquity. Learn more about our programs »


The Department of Classical Studies offers many undergraduate research opportunities. Students are encouraged to write an honors thesis during their senior year and present their work at national and regional conferences. Those wishing to participate in archaeological excavations have a wide variety of choices through the Archaeological Institute of America. Learn more »

Faculty Success

Dr. Rodriguez to lecture for the Caledonian Society

Dr. Connie Rodriguez, chair of the Classical Studies department and president of the New Orleans Society of the Archaeological Institute of America, will present a lecture to the Caledonian Society on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 7:00 pm in The Christopher Room located at 6254 Vicksburg Street.  Her topic will be "Kirkmichael, Castle Craig and the Urquhart Clan of the Black Isle, Scotland."

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Student Success

Brianna Daniel-Harkins Wins Bronze Medal in the 2017 College Greek Exam

Brianna Daniel-Harkins won the Bronze Medal in the 2017 College Greek Exam, the nationally standardized exam for assessing students in their first year of college-level Greek.

"I love the Greek language because it challenges me and does not forgive me--it forces me to forgive myself and allow myself to make mistakes while I translate. Translating is like a puzzle or a math problem to me and teaches me self discipline and critical thinking skills each and every day," says Daniel-Harkins, pictured wearing her prestigious medal. 

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Monday, October 2

"History of Jews in Split"

Tuesday, October 3, 8 PM

"Complexity and Contradiction in Diocletian’s Palace"

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