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Programs of Study

“What can I do with a degree in Classical Studies?” Anything you want!

Some students decide they want to build a career in the field of Classical Studies, but many plan to use their background in Classics for entry into fields as diverse as law, medicine, linguistics, psychology, computer technology and advertising.  

This is why the Department of Classical Studies offers two major/minor tracks:

The Classical Studies Major/Minor emphasizes the study of language (ancient Greek and/or Latin), along with courses in the history, philosophy, poetry, art and archaeology of the ancient world. A Classical Studies Major/Minor is meant to give students wishing to build a career in Classics the background they need for teaching careers, entry into graduate school for Classics/Archaeology, work with academic presses/libraries, or organizations dedicated to the preservation of Greco-Roman antiquity.

The Classical Civilizations Major/Minor is ideal for students who are fascinated by worlds of ancient Greece and Rome, but are planning for careers in other fields or for entry into graduate school in other disciplines. A Classical Civilizations major/minor may include study of language or may be done completely in English.  Classical Civilizations majors/minors receive a strong general background in the ancient world through a selection of courses focuses on topics in archaeology, literature, history, and thought. 

Learn more about our concentrations:

The department also offers minors in Classical Studies and Classical Civilizations.

Departmental Honors

Students who have achieved junior status and have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the major courses and a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall are eligible to request the Classical Studies Departmental Honors option. The research project should be approved by the supervising professor and the department chair. 

Teacher Education

Classical Studies with a concentration in Latin is one of the majors accepted by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education for which students can seek secondary grades certification (grades 6-12). Students preparing for certification in this area complete the Latin concentration plus the focus-area courses for teacher education. See the degree plan here, and the list of teacher-education course descriptions here.