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The Department of Classical Studies offers two minors:

Classical Civilizations

Requires 21 credit hours in Classical Civilization courses, including:

One of the following Archaeology courses:

  • CLHU A347  Egyptian Art and Archaeology
  • CLHU A348  Greek Art and Archaeology
  • CLHU A349  Etruscan Art and Archaeology
  • CLHU A350  Roman Art and Archaeology​

One of the following History courses:

  • CLHU A372  The Roman Empire
  • CLHU O274  The Byzantine Empire

One of the following Literature courses:

  • CLHU A242  Greek Tragedy
  • CLHU A244  Greek and Roman Epic
  • CLHU A246  Greek Mythology
  • CLHU A263  Greek and Roman Comedy
  • CLHU A356  Greek Elegies and Lyrics

One of the following Thought courses:

  • CLHU N202  Justice in Greek Literature
  • CLHU W340  Roman Ethical Thought
  • CLHU A385  Greek Religion
  • CLHU A386  Roman Religion

Additional Coursework:

Additional 9 credit hours of Classical Humanities electives

  • Classical Humanities (CLHU) – Electives*
  • Classical Humanities (CLHU) – Electives*
  • Classical Humanities (CLHU) – Electives*

*Student can take Greek or Latin language.

2.0 GPA required

Classical Studies

Requires 24 credit hours in Classical Studies courses, including:

12 credit hours of Greek or Latin

  • GREK A100  Beginning Greek I *
  • GREK A101  Beginning Greek II *
  • GREK A250  Intermediate Greek
  • GREK A300  Homeric Greek
  • GREK A314  Greek Tragedy
  • GREK A315  Greek Comedy
  • GREK A322  New Testament Greek
  • GREK A340  Hellenistic Greek
  • GREK A402  Greek Historians
  • GREK A410  Greek Philosophy
  • GREK A420  Greek Oratory


  • LATN A100  Beginning Latin I *
  • LATN A101  Beginning Latin II *
  • LATN A250  Intermediate Latin
  • LATN A304  Prose of Republican Rome
  • LATN A305  Poetry of Republican Rome
  • LATN A336  Augustan Prose
  • LATN A337  Augustan Poetry
  • LATN A342  Prose of Imperial Rome
  • LATN A343  Poetry of Imperial Rome
  • LATN A435  Medieval Latin

Additional Coursework:

Additional 12 credit hours in Classical Humanities, Greek, or Latin

  • Elective**
  • Elective**
  • Elective**
  • Elective**

*Student must complete 12 hours in ONE language.  Greek or Latin may also be used by students in other degree programs where there is a language requirement.

**Student can take additional Greek or Latin language and/or CLHU courses.

2.0 GPA required

Classical Studies course information