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Programs of Study

In accordance with the requirements of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, students who are seeking middle school and secondary school certification (grades 4-8 and 6-12) need to major in one of the following areas:

Coursework towards Teacher Education is divided in two categories: general education and focus area courses.

General Education

General education requirements include 6 hours in English, 6 hours in Mathematics, 6 hours in Sciences, 6 hours in Social Studies and 3 hours in Arts. Loyola’s general education curriculum allows our students to satisfy all or most of these requirements.

Focus Area Courses

Students must also complete the required focus area courses listed below. 

Foundations of Multicultural Education – TEAC-A100 – (3 hours)

Adolescent Psychology – PSYC-A255 – (3 hours)

Teaching Reading in Secondary Schools – TEAC-A310 – (3 hours)

The Learner with Special Needs – TEAC-A210 – (3 hours)

Classroom Management and Organization – TEAC-A343 – (3 hours)

Secondary Methods I – TEAC-A300 – (3 hours)

Secondary Methods II – TEAC-A306 – (3 hours)

Teaching Residency I – TEAC-A410 – (3 hours)

Teaching Residency II - TEAC-A412 - (6 hours)

Teaching Students with Dyslexia - TEAC-A312 - (3 hours)

Foundations of Early Literacy - TEAC-A205 - (3 hours)

Total: 33 hours (secondary education), 36 hours (middle school education)

Teacher Certification Focus Area Course Descriptions