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About Teacher Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

Life is about change and growth and the act of “becoming.” This is the time in your life when all of these things come together on a college or university campus and you determine what your future career will be. Would you like to have a hand in changing the world for the better? Do you really strive for the Jesuit ideal of “being a man or woman for others?” Every generation will produce young people who will need to be educated. Who will be there to do this? Possibly, you!

Education is an exciting ever-changing profession that is built around one of the most lasting relationships ever---a teacher and his or her pupils.  Long after other people have come into our lives, most of us can remember those individuals whom we called “teacher” and the profound influence that they had on our lives.

Loyola’s sequence in secondary education prepares students to apply for certification in grades 6-12. The courses are integrated with the student’s major and general education courses. When students graduate, they will receive a degree in the major (either English [Literature or Writing], Mathematics, Language [French, Spanish, or Latin], Science [Chemistry, Physics, Biology, or Environmental Science], or Social Studies [History]), and be ready to apply for a teaching certificate from the state of Louisiana.

Students enrolling in the teacher education sequence will have two advisors: One in their major and one in the Office of Teacher Education.  Both advisors will work together to ensure that the student takes the correct courses, in the proper sequence, and fulfills all requirements for graduation and for the teaching credential.

Won’t you join us?  Take what you have learned in a Jesuit institution and bring it to others.  Suppose everyone in the world were taught to “think critically and act justly.” What a boon to mankind that would be!  You can help make it happen.