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Master of Arts in Teaching

Loyola University New Orleans is proud to announce a new degree program – Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT). The university has designed this degree program so that individuals can obtain a teacher certification at the secondary level (Grades 6-12) and a graduate degree at the same time.

  • Approximately 40% of courses will be online

  • Other courses will be “hybrid” and take place in a secondary school classroom. Individuals currently teaching at the secondary level may use their own classroom at their place of employment for course-related activities.
  • Emphasis on competency-based skills and real-world situations
  • “Coaching” of each teacher candidate is integral to the program
  • Emphasis on the individual student and his/her particular situation
  • Readily-available advising
  • Loyola is a Jesuit university and degrees from Jesuit institutions are recognized across the US and all over the world for their rigor and quality.
  • Students are able to complete the program in a little more than a year, provided a minimum of 9 hours is carried each semester (including summers)
  • Graduate tuition rate of $409 per credit hour = half the regular graduate tuition at Loyola

The MAT degree program is ideal for an individual currently holding a teaching position but has yet to be certified. The program is designed with working professionals in mind. Our first course in Fall 2016 focuses on research in the area of “Best Practices in Teaching.” It will be intellectually stimulating and practical at the same time. All teachers could benefit from this course.

Contact person:

Dr. Glenda Hembree -
Office of Teacher Education
6363 St. Charles Avenue, Campus Box 3
New Orleans, LA 70118    

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Curriculum for Master of Arts in Teaching Program

TEAC-A700    Intro. To Educ. “Best Practices” Research: Applications            3 sem. hrs.
​TEAC-A705    Multiculturalism and Social Justice                                          3 sem. hrs.
​TEAC-A710    Exceptional Individuals in a Diverse Society                            3 sem. hrs. 
​TEAC-A715    The Adolescent Learner                                                         3 sem. hrs.
​TEAC-A720    Differentiated Instruction:  Applications                                  3 sem. hrs.
​TEAC-A725    Language and Literacy in a Diverse Society                             3 sem. hrs.
​TEAC-A730    Statistics and Assessment                                                      3 sem. hrs.
​TEAC-A735    Effective Classroom Management and Organization                  3 sem. hrs.
​TEAC-A740    Advanced Methods of Secondary School Teaching I                  3 sem. hrs.
​TEAC-A745    Specific Content Area Methods II                                            3 sem. hrs.
​TEAC-A795    Internship/Student Teaching in Diverse Communities               6 sem. hrs.

                                                                                                               Total:  36 hours


Subject Areas in which Loyola recommends certification:

Social Studies
Environmental Science

Master of Arts in Teaching Course Information