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Translation & Interpreting: Spanish-English

Already bilingual? Want to use your Spanish to help others? You’re speaking our language. Translation & Interpreting is our newest major concentration, and it’s made for people like you. You’ll become a skilled translation and interpreting professional, and when you leave us, you’ll be ready to help the growing number of Spanish-speaking communities both in the greater New Orleans area and across the United States. With work deeply rooted in culture and traditions, you’ll study the local and regional variations, styles, and registers of different linguistic groups. And in addition to community engagement projects and volunteer work, you’ll fulfill a forty-hour internship requirement. That way you’ll be ready for a successful career in the field, especially in Healthcare and Legal areas.

Overview of Courses

Our program combines online courses in translation, hybrid courses in interpreting, and on-campus courses in grammar, syntax, culture, and literature. While emphasis is on the vocabulary, techniques, difficulties and ethics of Legal and Healthcare translation and interpreting, generalized instruction also allows for other fields of interest. In addition to major-specific coursework, you’ll have the flexibility to take classes in a variety of disciplines. Here’s a sample of what you can expect to learn and do: 

  • Spanish Across Disciplines
    This is a variable-topic class that stresses vocabulary, writing, and oral skills in Spanish pertaining to specific disciplines, such as Social Work or Journalism, and other professions. Through reading texts, discussions in class, and writing, students practice the vocabulary and approaches for the profession(s) and learn about cultural specifics.
  • Advanced Syntax and Composition
    This course develops and fine-tunes writing skills, including grammar difficulties, problem translations, and complex constructions through readings, in-class exercises, and creative, engaged writing.
  • Introduction to Translation and Interpreting
    This hybrid course is composed of 8 weeks online, and 8 weeks on campus. Students are introduced to the disciplines of translation and interpreting, and of how to switch safely and accurately between the source and the target language (Spanish<>English); it includes an intensive study of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure in a variety of fields.

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Classes include the Loyola Core and General Electives along with:

  • SPAN-A400, Advanced Syntax and Composition
  • SPAN-A330, Spanish Across Disciplines
  • LAS-O200, Introduction to Contemporary Latin American Culture
  • TISE-A402, Introduction to Translation and Interpreting
  • TISE-A456, Healthcare Translation and Interpreting
  • TISE-A462, Legal Translation and Interpreting
  • TISE-A497, Translation and Interpreting Internship
  • 6 hours of Spanish, and English or Latin American electives


Course Information for Translation & Interpreting: Spanish-English

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