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Andrea Norwood won Best Freshmen/Sophomore in the Monroe Library Student Research Competition. Their paper, A Changing Identity: Loyola’s LGBT+ Organizations Over the Years (1991-2012) was written for Dr. Allison Edgren's The Historian's Craft class. Andrea said they enjoyed writing this paper because as a Freshman, they had never worked extensively with primary sources prior to this class, and they were excited to engage with the material. For the paper, Andrea used the Special Collections on the Monroe Library's website.

This Fall, graduating senior Bradley Kerkhof will begin pursuing his PhD in University of Maryland’s (UMD) Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. There he will be researching nanophotonic devices to be integrated with circuits for quantum computers still in development.

At Loyola Bradley worked in Dr. Kargol's research group. Together with a recent Loyola Physics alumnus, Cole Green, they contributed to a collaboration lead by Dr. Celardo from University of Florence, Italy. Bradley modeled photosynthetic antenna complexes in green sulfur bacteria, in an attempt to predict and understand quantum behavior in biological organisms. He also has experience in Dr. McHugh’s Quantum Optics Lab at Loyola. He is the Recipient of the Reverend John H. Mullahy, S.J., and Donald C. Faust, M.D. Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Physical Sciences as well as the Reverend Percy A. Roy, S.J. Memorial Award, presented to the student(s) who achieved the highest academic record during their entire four-year career at Loyola. He graduates with majors in Physics and Mathematics, and a minor in computer science.

Congratulations to Dr. Madison Silverstein for being awarded the Faculty Excellence in Research Award!

Analene McCullough was the recipient of the Senior Thesis Project award from the Monroe Library Student Research Competition. Her thesis was titled The Students for A Democratic Society and the Weather Underground: Transition to Violence, which examines Students for a Democratic Society, a movement of progressive young people from the 1960s, and how it transformed into a radical and violent group targeted by the FBI. Department chair, Dr. Mark Fernandez, advised her through the process of writing her thesis.

Prof. Kargol has been invited as a keynote speaker at BURS, the Belmont Undergraduate Research Symposium, in Nashville, TN. BURS, held every two years, is a venue for undergraduate researchers from Belmont University to present their research in arts and humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and mathematics.

Professor and Co-Chair of the Languages and Cultures Department, Dr. Naomi Yavneh Klos, had a tremendous idea that came to fruition on March 17, 2022. She created a traveling exhibition titled, “Anne Frank: A History for Today,” consisting of 30 panels that tell Anne Frank’s story, the history of World War II, and the Holocaust.

In April, Sasha Solano-McDaniel ('21) was awarded the Fulbright-Casten Family Foundation Award to attend the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) for the academic year 2022-23. During this yearlong program she will earn a Master of Gastronomy: World Food Cultures and Mobility while studying in Pollenzo, Italy. This is an interdisciplinary program encompassing all aspects of food culture and includes various study trips as well as a two-month internship or research project requirement. 

Dr. Qian Qin was awarded a Louisiana Board of Regents Research and Development grant of over $120,000 to study new organic superconducting materials from sulfur-rich aromatic molecules. This funding will support Dr. Qin’s productive undergraduate research program. Congratulations!

In April of 2021, Dr. CJ Stephenson was awarded a Board of Regents Departmental Enhancement grant to purchase new LC-quadrupole instrumentation, enhancing the Department’s analytical capabilities and training. A “triple quad” instrument is the standard for toxicological and environmental analysis in government and private industry, so this instrument, in addition to opening new avenues of research, will provide opportunities for students to get hands-on experience with workplace relevance. Congratulations, Dr. Stephenson!

Congratulations to alumna Dayla Rich (c/o 2017, CHFS) on graduating from the University of South Carolina with her PhD in Analytical Chemistry and joining the FBI’s Huntsville laboratory as a Chemist!


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