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Dr. Kargol and a former student, Cole Green, coauthored a paper on Quantum Biology

Prof. Kargol and a former physics student and Loyola alum, Coleman Green, are co-authors of a paper on Quantum Biology. The paper, titled "Large scale simulations of photosynthetic antenna systems: interplay of cooperativity and disorder" is currently available in physics archive arXiv: It was written in collaboration with Dr. L. Celardo's research groups at the University of Florence, Italy, and University of Puebla BUAP, Mexico (Alessia Valzelli, Alice Boschetti, Francesco Mattiotti, Armin Kargol, Coleman Green, Fausto Borgonovi, Giuseppe Luca Celardo).

The paper is concerned with numerical simulations of light absorption by photosynthesis. It is known that existing classical theories do not explain the exceptionally high efficiency of energy absorption and transfer in photosyntesis and in recent years the tools of quantum physics were used to analyze this problem. Dr. Celardo is one of the pioneers of this approach.

As a student at Loyola, Cole Green spent one summer in Dr. Celardo's lab in Puebla, MX, and was trained on the use of Fortran code written to simulate energy absorption in antennae systems in photosynthesizing bacteria. Later, he worked with Dr. Celardo's students from Mexico, Italy, and the US on the simulations presented in this paper.