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Aimee Thomas, the Environment Program's very own "Spider Woman" was recently featured on WGNO with Rosie the spider.

Click here to view the spot on the WGNO website. Congratulations Dr. Thomas! 

Physics students won multiple departmental and college awards during the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Kerry P. Redmann, Jr. P.E., a graduate in physics in 1978 has had a long successful career in the petroleum industry. He earned a master's degree in petroleum engineering from LSU and is a certified professional engineer.

(Pictured is student Alisa Salame with her father)

Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Pablo Zavala created a website of his students' final Latinx projects this spring, which could be poems, short stories, paintings, podcasts, or drawings made to reflect their own identity and/or issues related to Latinx experiences such as immigration and discrimination. The final result is an amazing compilation of touchingly personal, heartfelt projects. 

See the projects here.


Professor Verchick was in for a big surprise this week when one of his virtual law classes came together to thank him for all his hard work over the pandemic. The students shared their thanks with him using several hand made signs which they presented during their last Zoom meeting of the semester. A recording of the gesture has gone viral on TikTok, and so far has over five million views and two million likes.

German instructor Jennifer Hammatt gave her beginning German students an assignment - to think of their lives as a book or a film in a particular genre. The results were fairly hilarious! 

Eleanor Bashem-Kelly created a tragedy - "Allergie Tragodie" - depicting the story of an allergy to her own cat. See the video here.

Elizabeth Maria DeVoto depicted her life as an opera

Latin American Studies and Spanish seniors presented their final, culminating projects in a series of short, snappy, 7-minute presentations at the Capstone event held on April 21. Thirteen seniors gave their presentations ranging in topics from the exploration of Latine and Indigenous events and identities to a decolonial perspective on Chagas Disease prevention in Central America. LAS Senior Abby Trahant had her final project, the play "Rabinal Achi: Xajoj Tun," (pictured) performed in its entirety earlier in the month at Loyola University's outdoor theater.

Each year the English department recognizes English majors who excel in each of our three major tracks: Literature, Writing, and Film & Digital Media. This year the department recognizes the following juniors:

During the pandemic, research continues... Even if the labs are closed, theoretical work can still be done to complement the experimental work and to answer our questions about why things happen the way they do in the real life! 

Dr. Allyn Schoeffler, assistant professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Earl and Gertrude Vicknair Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, received $89,000 from the Louisiana Board of Regents' Research Competitiveness Subprogram that will support undergraduate research in biochemistry for three years. Her project, "Molecular Determinants of Specialization in Bacterial Topoisomerases from Extreme Environments," will study adaptations in enzymes controlling DNA topology.


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