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Pre-Health Psychology

A major in Psychology Pre-Health is offered at Loyola University New Orleans in addition to the traditional Psychology track. Psychology is the fourth most common major among medical school entrants. Our Pre-Health major retains the best part of our traditional major, and adds as adjunct courses the preparation which most medical and dental schools prefer in their applicants. Much like a double major in Psychology and Pre-Health, it's one of three formal pre-med majors on campus. Our pre-health major is designed for the student whose first interest is in Psychology and plans a career in one of the health professions.


PSYC A100 Intro to Psychology

Social Science (Choose 2 of the 3):
PSYC A230 Developmental
PSYC A235 Abnormal
PSYC A240 Social

PSYC A301 Intro Research*
PSYC A303 Statistics & Methods**

Natural Science (Choose 2 of the 4):
PSYC A315 Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYC A320 Psychology of Learning (must include A321 Lab)
PSYC A322 Cognition
PSYC A416 Sensation & Perception

PSYC Lab Elective
PSYC Elective
PSYC Elective
PSYC Elective
PSYC A470 History & Systems
PSYC A491 ETS Exam (P/IP)

Adjunct Courses

BIOL A106 Cells & Heredity
BIOL A107 Lab
BIOL A108 Biology of Organisms (lecture)
BIOL A109 Biology of Organisms (lab)
CHEM A105 General Chemistry I (lecture)
CHEM A107 General Chemistry I (lab)
CHEM A106 General Chemistry II (lecture)
CHEM A108 General Chemistry II (lab)
CHEM A300 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM A305 Organic Chemistry I (lab)
CHEM A301 Organic Chemistry II

*Prerequisite for A301; 9 crs. in Psyc

**Prerequisite for A303; A301 and one college-level math course.



Psychology Course Information

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Pre-health Advising

For information about additional pre-health advising (you will still have a Psychology advisor), please visit