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Message from the Chair

The Department of Psychological Sciences performs three functions for students enrolled at Loyola University New Orleans. First, it provides pre-professional training for its majors, whether they plan to directly enter the workforce or to apply for graduate education in psychology or an allied field. Second, it provides instructional support functions for other academic divisions of the university, by offering psychology courses to students whose academic majors are not psychology. Third, it provides part of the liberal arts education for the Loyola student by teaching general courses which emphasize information and skills that are helpful in coping with an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world.

We expect that our psychology majors will leave Loyola with core knowledge and competencies including:

  • An ability to explain major theoretical perspectives of psychology (e.g., behavioral, social, biological, cognitive, evolutionary, humanistic, psychodynamic, and sociocultural).
  • An ability to demonstrate knowledge of the basic characteristics of the science of psychology and the different research methods used by psychologists as well as the ability to design and conduct basic studies to address psychological questions using appropriate research methods and the APA ethical guidelines.
  • An ability to use critical thinking effectively by demonstrating the ability to recognize, develop, defend, and criticize arguments and other persuasive appeals.


Psychological Sciences is the largest major at Loyola University because our students know that a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology offers them the liberal arts and science preparation that can serve them well in the future. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for Psychologists in 2014 was $70,700. Additionally, employment of psychologists is projected to grow 19 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. Come join us at Loyola and start your career in Psychology.


Dr. Erin C. Dupuis, Chair
Department of Psychological Sciences