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Another Successful Year for the Philosopher Kids Project

Co-facilitators Dr. Joel MacClellan and Dr. Connie Mui led a team of Loyola undergraduates through another successful year of the Philosopher Kids project. The core belief of the program is that there is no age requirement to begin to learn how to think critically and philosophically. Doing philosophy is nothing more than having a series of conversations about those “big ideas,” such as courage, beauty, respect for others, knowledge, and justice. Thinking and talking philosophically does not require one to have read what Aristotle or Descartes or Nietzsche say on these matters. Rather, these very ideas are conveyed in stories like The Adventures of Frog and Toad, Emily’s Art, The Giving Tree, Morris the Moose, and The Wizard of Oz. These childhood classics are entrenched with deep philosophical themes that are revealed through their plots and characters. Find out more about the Philosopher Kids project here, and learn about its founder, Dr. Jon Altschul here