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Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Our program will give you a broad training in the central areas of philosophy. In the Systematic sequence, you'll take courses in logic, ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology. In the Historical sequence, you will study the great thinkers in ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary philosophy.

Requirements for a major in philosophy:

Nine hours in the Systematic Sequence, selected from the areas of:

  • Logic & Language
  • Mind & Knowledge
  • Reality & God
  • Ethics & Value

Nine hours in the Historical Sequence:

  • three hours of Ancient Philosophy
  • three hours of Medieval Philosophy
  • three hours of Modern Philosophy 

An Authors Seminar

These required courses are offered every year. The normal requirements in credit hours for a major in philosophy are 33 to 36 hours. Philosophy electives for the major are offered on a continuous and rotational basis.

Philosophy Course Information

Find out more about the philosophy major: