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Alumni Updates - Where do our graduating students go?

This is not an exhaustive list, but is meant to give students a general idea of the different programs or employment into which our students have been accepted.


Emily Vinet ('24) - University of Alabama (Clinical, Ph.D.)

Gabriela Spizale ('24) - Emerson College (MS in Communication Disorders)

Olivia Desantos ('24) - Fordham University (MS in Counseling)

Camisha Magee ('24) - Loyola University New Orleans (MS in Marketing & Communications)

Catherine Coldiron ('24) - Tulane University (MS in Pharmacology)

Tina Alexander ('24) - Loyola University New Orleans (MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling)

Savannah Dunn ('24) - Loyola University New Orleans (MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling)

Isabella Lopez ('23) - Loyola University New Orleans (MS in Counseling)

Emily Dieu ('23) - Loyola University New Orleans Law (Masters in Health Law and Administration)

Anouck Ferrat ('23) - Chicago School of Professional Psychology (MS in Forensic Psychology)

Alina Mohiuddin ('23) - LSU - New Orleans Medical School (MD)

Cristina Garcia ('23) - LSU Health Sciences Center (Speech Pathology)

Alexandra Piovanetti ('23) - Ponce Health Sciences University in Puerto Rico (PsyD)

Hannah Guihur ('23) - Loyola University New Orleans (MBA)

Camila Ortiz ('23) - Syracuse University (M.S.)

Kennedy Chatman ('23)  -University of Pennsylvania Medical School (Clinical Research Coordinator)

Adele Colson ('23) - Loyola University New Orleans (JD/MBA)

Louis Barnes ('23) - Loyola University New Orleans (MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling)

Caroline Whalley ('23) - Ochsner Health (Clinical Research Intern)

Joseph Hammond ('23) - Loyola University New Orleans (MBA & Criminology)

Sarah Lyons ('22) - Ohio University (MEd in School Counseling)

Taylor Standberry ('22) - Mental Health Technician, Children's Hospital New Orleans

Milca Palma-Otanez ('22) - Loyola University New Orleans (M.A., Counseling)

Warren Hedrick ('22) - Loyola University New Orleans Law School (JD, Civil Law)

Selena Rocha-Sims ('22) - Auburn University (MS, Industrial/Organizational Psychology)

Rene Tobolski ('22) - Elon College School of Law (JD)

Kelly McEvoy ('22)- George Washington University (PhD, cognitive neuroscience)

Alina Mohiuddin ('22) - Tulane University (MS, Neuroscience)

Angelica Pagan ('22) - New York University (MS, Public Policy)

Grecia Hingst ('22) - Arizona State University (MS, Forensic Psychology)

Devin Ladner ('22) - Loyola University New Orleans (Masters in Criminology & Justice)  

Kanupriya Das ('22) - Loyola University New Orleans (M.A., Counseling)

Melissa Berner ('22) - Loyola University New Orleans (M.A., Counseling)

Claudia Cucchiara ('22) - Oklahoma State University (PhD in Clinical Psychology)

Brittany Savoie ('22) - District Attorney's Office, 15th Judicial District

Mimi Aly ('21) - Tulane University (MS in Anatomy)

Sofia Rabassa ('21)- MSc in Marketing Strategy & Innovation, Bayes Business School at City University of London

Courtney Saulsman ('21) - LSU (MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling)

Molok Mathkour ('21) - Tulane University (MS, Neuroscience)

Grace Joseph ('21) - Boston University (MA, Mental Health Counseling)

Grace Trapani ('21) - Pace University (MA, General Psychology) 

Tri-An Tran-Nguyen ('21) - Loyola University New Orleans Law School (JD Program)

Ashley Messina ('21) - University of Louisiana Lafayette (M.A., Psychology)

Jacob Gronemeyer ('21) - Penn State University (PhD, Neuroscience)

Francesca Lausen ('21) - University of Cincinnati (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology)

Claire Bordelon ('21) - Loyola University New Orleans (MBA)

Madison Bates ('21) - Loyola University New Orleans (M.A., Counseling)

Lee (Allen) Dennis ('21) - Loyola University New Orleans (MBA)

Sophia Perez ('21) - Massachusetts General Hospital Institute (Nursing)

Celeste Anderson ('21) - Boston College (DNP)

Sydney Gordon ('21) - Capella University (M.A., Counseling)

Danielle Bass ('20), University of Miami (MPH)

Cedric (CJ) Joseph ('20) - Loyola University New Orleans Law School (JD)

Alaniss Sabillon ('20) - Louisiana State University (MS, Speech Language Pathology)

Sarah Alonzi ('20) - UCLA (Ph.D., Health Psychology)

Bridget Fox ('20) - CUNY (M.A., Counseling)

Sheridan Guidry ('20) - Meharry Medical College, Tennessee (M.A)

Daniel Nisthal ('20) - Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA (M.A., Clinical Mental Health Counseling)

Aidan Cooper ('20) - Tulane University (MBA)

Victoria Padilla ('20) - Loyola University New Orleans (MS, Counseling)

Olivia Scott ('20) - Simmons University (MSW) 

Que Nguyen ('20) - University of Texas, Dallas (M.S., Applied Cognition & Neuroscience)

Rachel Minter ('20) - Tulane University (MSW/DRL)

Austin Davenport ('20) - Loyola University (M.S., Counseling)

Kiana Alexander ('14, accepted '20) - Loyola University School of Law (M.S.L., Environmental Law)



Randon Dupont ('19, accepted/started '22) - UNLV (Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology)

Rabiya Farooqui ('19) - Crane Rehab Center

Nabiha Samad ('19) - Xavier University, New Orleans (P.A. School)

Carlos Martinez ('19) - Ponce Health Sciences University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences (MSMS)

Joshua Quintana ('19) - Auburn University, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

Katie Carrigan ('19) - United States Army, Second Lieutenant

Gabriella Pucci ('19) - Ohio State University (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology)

Oahn Nguyen ('19) - University of Washington (MST)

Nicholas Militello ('19) - Southern Miss University (Ph.D., Counseling Psychology)

Bianca Figueroa ('19) - University of Central Florida (M.A., Counseling)

Madeline Huekels ('19) - Erikson Institute in Chicago (M.A., Child Development)

Kierra Thompson ('19) - University of Chicago: Program in the Social Sciences (M.A.)

Farhan Mohiuddin ('19) - Louisiana State University, Shreveport (M.D.)

Merritt Baria ('19) -  University of Mississippi (JD)

Menley Long ('19) - Health Care Option, Mental Health Specialist

Olivia Painter ('19) - Resolvit, LLC, Sourcing Specialist

Morgan Faust ('19) - Disney College Program

Lorenza Padilla ('16, accepted in '19) - Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (M.D.)

Robert Woodry ('18) - NYU (PhD, cognition & perception)

Ana Gonzalez ('18) - University of Illinois-Chicago (M.D.)

Charlotte Sperling ('18) - Yale University (Nurse Practitioner Program)

Emma Meeker ('18) - Tulane University (M.S., Social Work)

Michelle Quinn ('14, accepted in '18) - Florida Atlantic University (accelerated nursing program)

Jasmine Coleman ('18) - Southern Methodist University (M.S., Data Science with Business Analytics emphasis)

Benjamin Shea ('18) - University of Groningen, Netherlands (M.A., Cognitive Neuroscience)

Twila Gaston ('18) - City Year Boston

Catherine Brousse ('18) - University of Louisiana Lafayette (M.A., Experimental Psychology)

Lauren Alonzo ('18) - University of Louisiana Lafayette (M.A., Experimental Psychology)

Ana Longo ('18) - University of Puerto Rico (M.D. program)

Madeline Trahan ('18) - Florida Tech (PsyD)

Madison Barbor ('18) - Loyola University New Orleans (M.S., Counseling)

Alana Demaske ('18) - Wakeforest University (MA, Psychology)

Kyleah Bell ('18) - University of Wisconsin La Crosse (MA, Student Affairs Administration)

Tyren Leonard ('18) - Southern Methodist University (MA, Counseling)

Bushra Ahmad ('18) - Holy Cross University (MA, Counseling)

Anne Brandt ('17) - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (MSc, Work and Organizational Psychology)

Anna Hasty ('17; entered 2020) - Barry University (DPM, Podiatric Medicine)

Kirsten Klein ('17) - University of Florida (Ph.D., Counseling)

Sawyer Rae Joseph ('17) - Georgetown University, Physiology & Biophysics (M.S)

Fatema Progga ('17) - University of Louisiana Lafayette, (PhD, Psychology)

Elyse Harrison ('17) -  LSU Health Science Center's School of Public Health (MA in Public Health with a concentration in Behavioral and Community Health), M.S. Nonprofit Management LSU-Shreveport, currently Director of Admissions St. Mary's Dominican High School

Ariadna Martinez ('17) - Metropolitan Ministries Tampa

Diana Mirfiq ('17) - Loyola University New Orleans (M.A., Counseling)

Laura Rohm ('15) - In 2017, will begin at Xavier/Chicago School of Professional Psychology (PsyD)

Natalia Diaz ('17) - Teach for America

Jennifer Spada ('17) - New York University (M.A., School Counseling)

Gabrielle Morgan ('17) - Loyola University New Orleans (M.A., Counseling)

Carlo Centeno Pérez ('17) - Baylor College of Medicine (MS, Prosthetics and Orthotics)

Aisha Yapp ('17) - Fisk University, Nashville (M.A., Clinical Psychology), Tennessee State University (Ph.D. Counseling Psychology)

Jacquelyne Anderson ('17) - Boston College (M.A., Counseling)

Katie Philippi ('17) - All-expense paid graduate assistantship position with the volleyball team at the University of the Southwest in Hobbs, NM, pursuing a Masters of Science in Exercise Science.

Amanda Leichty ('16) - University of Missouri, St. Louis (PhD, Industrial/Organizational)

Clara Baldwin ('12, accepted '17) - Cal State East Bay (MS, Speech-Language Pathology)

Killian Folse ('14; MA in clinical psychology, Columbia University, '16) - Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology at Adelphi University in 2017.

Mary Robinson ('16, accepted '17) - Pacific University, (Ph.D, Clinical psychology)

Elizabeth McCollom ('14, accepted in '17) - University of Missouri (Ph.D, School Psychology)

Nancy Nguyen ('17) - University of Louisiana Lafayette (M.S., Experimental)

Nydia Araya ('17) - Louisiana State University (M.S., Higher Education Administration)

Maci Bates ('17) - University of Louisiana-Monroe (MA, Criminal Justice)

Sofia Ricardo ('16) - Nova Southeastern University (PsyD, Clinical Psychology)

Samantha Cherro ('16) - Marian University of Indiana (MS, Clinical Mental Health Counseling)

Sarah Skidmore ('16) - Loyola University Law (JD)

Lorenza Padilla ('16) - Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (M.D.)

Trey Williams ('16) - Loyola University School of Law (JD)

Madeline Janney ('16) - Southeastern Louisiana University (M.S., Communication Disorders)

Kayla Allain ('16) - LSU Health Sciences (M.S, Clinical Rehabiliation & Counseling)

Erin Busse ('16) - St. Louis University (JD)

Lydia Cooper ('16) - LSU Health Sciences (B.S., Nursing)

Sumaita Choudhury ('16) - Tulane U School of Public Health (MPH in Global Health)- Ph.D. program in Public Health at University of Texas - Houston in 2020.

Morgan McKinnon ('16) - Clark Atlanta University (M.A., School Counseling)

Joshua Dupuis ('16) - Loyola University Business School (M.B.A.)

LesRian Lewis ('16) - Florida A&M University (M.S. in Occupational Therapy) 

Loan Tran ('09) - Loyola University New Orleans Nursing Program (Doctor of Nursing Practice, started program '16)

Kimberly Beckford ('16) - Columbia University (M.A., Educational and Clinical)

Samantha Ybarzabal ('16) - AmeriCorps

Caroline Knecht ('16) - LSUHSC (M.A., Speech Pathology)

Briana Oglesby ('16) - LSU Monroe (M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy)

Doireann Duffy ('16) - Loyola University New Orleans (M.A., Counseling)

Chele de Marigny Landry ('16) - Peace Corps, Botswana Africa

Ashley Rivera ('16) - Holy Cross University New Orleans



Joellen Desselles ('15) - LSU-HSC (M.S. Occupational Therapy)

Lauren Ashley ('15) - Albany Law School (JD)

Emily Szklarski ('15) - Tulane University, (M.P.H., Public Health)

Rebekah Reuben ('15) - University of Toronto (PhD, Cognitive Neuroscience, Gender, and Health Studies)

Alexandria Lake ('15) - New York University (M.A., Counseling)

Kara Nishimuta ('15) - Palo Alto University (PhD, Clinical)

Lauren Brand ('15) - U of North Carolina (MEd, Education)

Vinaya Nachampassak ('15) - Loyola University New Orleans (M.S., Counseling)

Caitlyn Chambers ('15) - University of Southern Mississippi (PhD, School Psychology)

Kerritt Saintal ('15) - Adolescent and Behavioral Tech, Children's Hospital New Orleans

Sarah Scalese ('15) - LaSalle University in Philadelphia (PsyD)

Jessica Williams ('15) - Northeastern University (BSN/MSN - Nursing)

Laura Rohm ('15) - Chicago School of Professional Psychology in NOLA (PsyD, Clinical)

Julia Hussey ('15) - University of Nevada, Las Vegas (PhD, Clinical, accepted '16). Completed externship at Neuropsychology Center of Louisiana in '15.

Emily Franko-Tobin (13' alumna, accepted '15) - Medical University of South Carolina (MD)

Leyla Mansur ('15) - Loyola University of Maryland (PsyD)

Samuel Golden ('15) - Rutgers University (PsyD)

Sean Rose ('15) - Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA (PsyD)

Brian Reaney ('15) - Loyola University New Orleans Law School (JD)

Destiny Simms ('15) - University of Texas at Austin (MA rehabilitation counseling)

Melanie Mahlstedt ('15) - George Washington University (MA)

Maria Bruyn ('15) - University of Central Florida (M.S.W in Clinical/Medical Social Work)

Paul Pasquale ('15) -Lesley University (M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling)

Michaela Brown ('15) - Hunter College (CUNY), (M.S.W.)

Olufunmilola (Funmi) Adams ('14) - Baylor University (MBA in Healthcare program)

Satyavati Patel ('14) - Loyola University Chicago (M.Ed., School and Community Counseling)

Jasmine Hall ('14) - University of New Orleans (MPA)

Destiny Simms ('14) - University of Texas (M.A., Counseling)

Georgina Dumay ('14)- Webster University, currently HR Director Atlanta Technical College (MBA)

Bianca Cersosimo ('14) - Columbia University (M.A., Clinical), Adelphi University (Ph.D in Clinical Psychology)

Andrea Cornelius ('14) - St. Louis University (Ph.D., Industrial-Organizational)


Mariah Jackson ('14) - Southern University (JD)

Katie Gilmore ('14) - Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Xavier University New Orleans (Psy.D)

Amanda Ford, ('14, accepted '18) - Louisiana State University accelerated Nursing Program

Hannah Dougherty (Dec '14) - University of Miami (MA, Sports Administration)

Sydney Cole ('14) - Chestnut Hill College (PsyD)

Anne Madison Tompkins ('14) - LaSalle University (PsyD)

Ariel Breaux ('14) - Chicago School of Professional Psychology (PsyD)

Katie Gilmore ('14) - Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Xavier University (PsyD)

Anna Marie Rincon (Dec '14) - Loyola University New Orleans (MS, Counseling)

Alexis Ambeau (Dec '14) - Loyola University New Orleans (MS, Counseling)

Jessica Duhamel ('13) - University of Southern Maine (Nursing)

Jedanndrila Bushnell ('13) - Penn State, School Psychology (PhD)

Evan Labranche ('13) - Tulane University Medical School (MD program)

Glen Grieshaber ('13) - Loyola University Chicago (MSW)

Angelia Gallorini ('13) - Loyola University New Orleans (MS, Counseling)

Neal Outland ('13) - DePaul University (PhD, I/O)

Kyle Grelle ('13) - Lewis & Clark University (M.A., Counseling)

Amy Sprout ('12) - NOVA Southeastern University (PsyD, Clinical)

Michelle Brenes ('12) - NOVA Southeastern University (PsyD, Clinical)

Sara Tregre ('12) - University of New Orleans (M.A., counseling)

Dominique Perez ('12) - Tulane University (MSW, disaster mental health)

Sarah Marino ('12) - New York University (M.A., general)

Chelsey Thomas ('12) - NOVA Southeastern University (PsyD, Clinical)

Tiffany Hendricks ('12) - Tulane University (MSW)

Brittany Jacobs ('12) - LSU School of Nursing (BSN)

Kiran Mirchandani ('12) - Chicago School of Professional Psychology (PsyD, Clinical, creative arts therapy), Accepted into pre-doctoral internship at the Counseling Center at Texas Women's University ('16).

Brittany Chavez ('12) - TeachNOLA

Samantha Montano ('12) - North Dakota State University (M.S., Emergency Management)

James Rose ('12) - University of Arkansas Medical School (MD program)

Isis Huizar ('12) - Arizona State University (M.A., Counseling)

David Zelaya ('12) - Georgia State (PhD, Counseling), Lehigh University (MA, Counseling)

Tonjaletha Howard ('11) - Loyola New Orleans (M.A., Counseling)


Francesa Kizer ('11) - Child Life Specialist at Women and Children's Hospital, Lafayette, LA

Kaylyn Spinato ('11) - Our Lady of Holy Cross (M.A., Counseling)

Brianna Powell ('11) - University of Tennessee, Law School

Amanda Bono ('11) - CUNY Queens College (PhD, Clinical Neuropsychology)

Lewis Baker ('11) - Vanderbilt University (PhD, Cognitive Psychology)

Corey Phillips ('11) - River Oaks Hospital (psychiatric counselor)

Nicole Harris ('11) - Texas Tech University (PhD, Clinical)

Sheridyn Miller ('11) - Midwestern University (PsyD, Clinical)

Tori Buckley ('11) - Naropa University (M.A., transpersonal psychology)

Madeline Rice ('11) - Loyola University New Orleans Law school

Laura Gray ('11) - LSUHSC

Samantha Fenimore ('11) - LSUHSC

Tracy Cochran ('10) - LSUHSC (LA) (MA, rehab counseling)

Anne Leonpacher ('10) - John Hopkin's (MD)

Hayden Lindsay ('10) - University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (MD/MPH)

Errin Price ('10) - University of La Verne (CA) (PsyD Clinical)

Pepper Hanna ('10) - Univ. of Southern Mississippi (PhD - Experimental Psychology)

Samira Jones ('10) - Loyola New Orleans Law School (JD)

Alexandra Perez ('10) - Nova Southeastern University (PsyD - Clinical)

Hillary Becker ('10) - Nova Southeastern University (PsyD - Clinical)

Sarah White ('09) - University of Texas at Galveston (MD)

Erika Rajo ('09) - Loyola Baltimore (MA Clinical) - Degree Received in 2012! In the Gambit's 40 under 40 class of 2022 list - Director of the University Medical Center Trauma Recovery Clinic and Co-director of the Spirit of Charity Trauma Center Psychiatry Research Unit in New Orleans - Received PsyD in 2022 from Pepperdine University 

Ashley Anthony ('09) - Tulane School of Social Work (MSW)

Jennifer Pipiton ('09) - New York University (PhD - Environmental Psychology)

Clare O'Callahan ('09) - Yeshiva University (MS - Mental Health Counseling)

Kendall Eskine ('07) - City University of New York (PhD - Cognition, Brain, Behavior)

Stephanie Hilferty ('07) - Louisiana House of Representatives, District 94 (term began 01.11.16)

Allison Murphy ('06) - Texas A&M School Psychology program (PhD)

Chanelle Gordon ('05) - University of California at Berkeley (PhD - Clinical Sciences) - [Chanelle had completed a
master's at UC-Davis in Human Development, and is now on to a doctoral program]

Megan Aslop ('05) - Loyola University Maryland - PsyD, as of 2015 Director of Clinical Training at Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Xavier University

Laurie Leiva ('03) - University of South Carolina (ME)

John Pachankis ('02) - State University of New York, Stony Brook (PhD, Clinical)

Suzanne Allen - St. John's University - PsyD, currently at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Tia Billy - Texas A&M (PhD, School Psychology)