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International Studies

The interactions between and among different cultural, social, economic, political, and scientific forces around the globe have profoundly shaped the world we live in today. At Loyno, you will study the past and present interactions of these forces and engage with diversity both intellectually and empathetically, developing a true appreciation for many cultures. Here, you can learn about modern Iran, spirituality and healing in Africa, and the caste system in India. You can examine the influence of saints and demons in medieval Europe or explore the meaning of money across cultures. We’ll give you the skills and knowledge you need for careers in international development, aid, diplomacy, politics, journalism, business, and academia.

Overview of Courses

In addition to core courses exploring global history, U.S. history, and historical research methods, you’ll select international history electives that tailor the program to your interests. Here is a sample of some courses:

  • Law and Power in South Asia
    This course studies the legal systems of South Asia; in particular, it evaluates the role of the British legal codifications in the development of a distinctly South Asian legal system by investigating citizenship, environmental, gender, and property laws.
  • Women, Gender, and Sexuality in African History
    This course examines women, gender, and sexuality in African history, focusing on religious practices, colonialism, health, and social class. Students examine the construction of gender, social systems, reproduction, women’s exercise of power, and the attempt to control female bodies.
  • Palestinians & Israelis
    This course addresses the ongoing conflict between Palestinians and Israelis by exploring its origins in the history of Zionism and the formation of Palestinian national identity since the nineteenth century.
  • Games, Fictions, and Power in China
    Using a role-playing game, we explore the workings of Confucian power in imperial China and then study the ways the people thought about power through games, fiction, and philosophy. 

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  • HIST T124 Global History II
  • HIST A200 U.S. History I
  • HIST A201 U.S. History II
  • HIST A202 Historical Methods Lab
  • 3 credit hours in U.S. History
  • 15 credit hours in International History
  • 3 credit hours in Global Comparative History
  • HIST A235 Seminar in Global Issues (3 crs)
  • HIST A400 Historiography
  • HIST A480 Capstone


History Course Information

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