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Whitney Walkowski

Professor of the Practice in Biological Sciences

Whitney Walkowski
Whitney Walkowski








Recent Publications

  • Scahill, S.D., Sherman, K.J., Guidry, J.J., Walkowski, W., Nguyen, T., Ray, D.B., Jones, D.H., Gould III, H.J. and Paul, D. 2023. In vitro characterization of a novel murine model of cancerous progression. Advances in Cancer Biology-Metastasis 7:1-10
  • Leslie, C.E., Rosencrans, R.F., Walkowski, W., Gordon, W.C., Bazan, N.G., Ryan, M.J. and Farris, H.E. 2020. Reproductive state modulates retinal sensitivity to light in female túngara frogs. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 61:232-239.
  • Walkowski, W.G., Crother, B.I. and Valverde, R.A. 2019. Testosterone and corticosterone profiles and body condition of calling and non-calling lithobates grylio. Copeia 107:509-516.


Ph.D. in Cellular Biology and Anatomy from Louisiana State University; M.S. in Biology from Southeastern Louisiana University; Bachelor of Psychology from Loyola University New Orleans

Classes Taught

  • BioInquiry
  • Human Sociobiology
  • Investigating Nature