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About Biology

The biological sciences are composed of many disciplines unified by the fact that all living things—plants, animals, and microorganisms—follow the same fundamental laws of heredity, reproduction, growth, development, self-maintenance, interaction, and response.

The Department of Biological Sciences is dedicated to providing students with an integrated and contemporary education that instills in students a deeper understanding of the process of science and of the fundamentals of biology. The Department strives to provide students with an understanding of the scientific method that will allow them to evaluate newly emerging knowledge and contribute to this body of knowledge. Towards this end, the Department is committed to supporting original faculty research and to involving undergraduates in this research. The Department provides a curriculum that encourages critical thinking and emphasizes effective oral and written communication skills. The Department expects that our graduates will use their training to take leadership roles in societal decisions involving biological issues.

The Department provides students with a wide choice of experiences and opportunities and helps prepare students for myriad careers in the life sciences—from human and veterinarian medicine, to the environment, to basic and applied research in cell and molecular biology, microbiology, ecology and evolutionary biology, marine biology, botany, and zoology.