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Mark Tobler

Research Associate & Greenhouse Coordinator in Biological Sciences

Mark Tobler
Mark Tobler

Mark Tobler joined the Department of Biological Sciences in 2008. He currently works with Dr. Paul Barnes examining plant and ecosystem responses to global climate change. Additional research areas include plant-insect interactions, chemical ecology of plants, and plant population dynamics in wetland ecosystems. He also serves as the greenhouse coordinator for the Azby Greenhouse Facility.



M.S. in Biology (plant-animal interactions) University of Louisiana-Lafayette 2000; B.S. in Biology (plant ecology) from University of Montana 1997

Recent Publications

  • Neugart, S., Tobler, M.A., Barnes, P.W. 2021. The function of flavonoids in the diurnal rhythm under rapidly changing UV conditions- a model study on okra. Plants 10 (11): 2268.

  • Neugart, S., Tobler, M.A., Barnes, P.W. 2021. Rapid adjustment in epidermal UV sunscreen: Comparison of optical measurement techniques and response to changing solar UV radiation conditions. Physiologia Plantarum 173 (3): 725-735.

  • Neugart, S., Tobler, M.A., Barnes, P.W. 2019. Different irradiances of UV and PAR in the same ratios alter the flavonoid profiles of Arabidopsis thaliana wild types and UV-signaling pathway mutants. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 18: 1685-1699.

  • Barnes, P.W., Tobler, M.A., Keefover-Ring, K., Flint, S.D., Barkley, A.E., Ryel, R.J., Lindroth, R.L. 2016. Rapid modulation of ultraviolet shielding in plants is influenced by solar ultraviolet radiation and linked to alterations in flavonoids. Plant, Cell and Environment 39: 222-230.

  • Barnes, P.W., Flint, S.D., Tobler, M.A., Ryel, R.J. 2016. Diurnal adjustment in ultraviolet sunscreen protection is widespread among higher plants. Oecologia 181: 55-63.

  • Barnes, P.W., Flint, S.D., Ryel, R.J., Tobler, M.A., Barkley, A.E., Wargent, J.J. 2015. Rediscovering leaf optical properties: New insights into plant acclimation to solar UV radiation. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 93: 94-100.