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Courtney Babin

Professor of the Practice in Biological Sciences

Courtney Babin
Courtney Babin


My teaching experience includes organismal biology, population genetics, ecology, and evolution. While my background includes evolutionary studies on plants and fishes, I have a great appreciation for all things related to science and love discussing these topics with students across all academic disciplines.




Recent Publications

  • Babin, C.H. and Bell, C.D. 2023. The effects of climate change on cytotype distributions of endemic genera in the North American Coastal Plain. Plant Ecology & Diversity
  • Townley, I.K., Babin, C.H., Murphy, T.E., Summa, C.M. and Rees, B.B. 2022. Genomic analysis of hypoxia inducible factor alpha in ray-finned fishes reveals missing Ohnologs and evidence of widespread positive selection. Scientific Reports 12:22312.
  • Babin, C.H., Anthony, N.M. and Bell, C.D. 2022. Intraspecific differentiation of Allium canadense var. canadense (Amaryllidaceae) across the North American Coastal Plain. Plant Species Biology 37:369-380.
  • Babin, C.H. and Bell, C.D. 2022. Evolution of chromosome number in wild onions (Allium, Amaryllidaceae). Systematic Botany 47:335-346.
  • Babin, C.H. and Howard, J.J. 2019. Does plant allometry predict biased sex allocation in Triadica sebifera (L.) small (Euphorbiaceae)?. Plant Ecology 220:529-539.


Ph.D., Integrative Biology, University of New Orleans; M.S., Biological Sciences, University of New Orleans

Classes Taught

  • Investigating Nature

Areas of Expertise

Plant Ecology and Evolution, Population Genetics, Invasive Ecology