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Christian Theology

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies:

Concentration in Christian Theology

30 Credits. Required course categories:

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Christian History
  • Theology
  • Christian Ethics
  • Research Seminar
  • Non-Christian Religion course
  • Electives: Three elective courses of your choosing from the Major Courses below

Christian Theology

Loyola Core Major Courses
RELS S220 Biblical Lit: Roman/ Medieval Context
RELS S225 Humor in the Bible
RELS S236 Political Theologies
RELS S238 Christianity and Liberation
RELS S242 Christian Ethics
RELS S245 Christian Ethics & Business
RELS S247 New Testament as Literature
RELS S249 Old Testament as Literature
RELS S251 Protestant Christianity
RELS S252 Catholicism
RELS S270 Jesus Christ
RELS S285 Heretics and Heresy
RELS S332 Ethics of Death and Dying
RELS S330 Faith, Science, and Religion
RELS S336 Parables of Jesus
RELS S339 Experiences of Grace
RELS S343 Women in Christianity
RELS S344 Social Policy and the Christian
RELS S348 Christian Origins
RELS S358 Ignatius Loyola
RELS S364 Contemporary Theologies
RELS S386 Medieval Synthesis
RELS S388 Sin: History of an Idea
RELS S483 The Christian Traditions
RELS A224 Christianity and Society
RELS A255 Synoptic Gospels
RELS A300 Pauline Writings
RELS A305 Theology of Liberation
RELS A315 Johannine Literature
RELS A320 Christian God
RELS A350 Christology
RELS A354 Dynamics of Salvation
RELS A358 Ecumenical Theology
RELS A368 Christianity & Environment
RELS A396 Research Seminar
RELS A400 Theology of Vatican II
RELS A441 Psychology of Religion




















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