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Believe In Your Work

The methodologies and issues addressed in Religious Studies are relevant to every area of society. Religion is integral to the values of every culture, and a deep-seated understanding of religion can open up myriad life and work opportunities ranging across business, community development, education, environment, foreign affairs, healthcare, humanitarian organizations, international organizations, public service and program administration, mission and ministry, and social services. A double-major with Religious Studies or a minor in a cutting-edge or compassionate-care field multiplies the ways you can make an impact on your world.

A purely partial list of applicable fields and organizations follows below:

Business: Micro-Financing; Equity & Diversity Programs; Human Resources; Training & Development; Recruitment; Management & Administration

Community Development: City Planning & Management; Development & Planning in Youth & Community Organizations; Fundraising & Economic Planning; Housing Authority Positions; Education Coordinator; Job Center Administration; Renewable Energy Initiatives

Education: Theological Programs; Campus Ministry; Student & Academic Affairs; Multi-cultural & Study Abroad Programs; Administration & Management; Research & Records; Library/Information Sciences; and Teaching in K-12, Religious Schools, Colleges, & Universities

Environment: Alternative Energies; Sustainable Trade Initiatives; Land Trust & Management Positions; Environmental Field Technician; Outreach Coordinator; Awareness Campaigns; Conservation & Restoration; Marine, Forest, & Wetland Preservation Positions

Foreign Affairs Career Tracks: Political, Public, & Embassy Consultation on Faith & Diplomacy; Peace Initiatives; Conflict Resolution; Management; Consular Posts; Economic Affairs; Cultural Attaché; The Foreign Service/ Department of State including USSD Student Internship Program, The Pathways Program

Healthcare: Ethics Boards; Recruitment; Equity & Diversity Programs; Hospital Chaplain; Family Planning; Counseling/ Recovery; Rehabilitation; Nursing; Medicine/Pharmacology; Disease Management

Humanitarian Organizations: Economic, Disaster, & Refugee Relief via Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Church World Service, Convoy of Hope, Feeding America, Jewish Response to Hunger, Oxfam, World Vision, Global Health Council & many more

International Organizations: Red Cross/ Red Crescent; Amnesty International; UNICEF; Action Against Hunger; Caritas Internationalis (162 Catholic Relief Orgs); Catholic Relief Services; Emergency Nutrition Network; US Foreign Disaster Assistance; Mennonite Disaster Service; Doctors without Borders; MAP International; Africare; Medair, Islamic Relief Worldwide; Mercy Corps; Episcopal Relief & Development, & many more

Mission Work: Youth, Adult, Music-Oriented, Emergency, & Leisure Ministries; Church & Community Development; Director of Mission Effectiveness; Child & Adult Day Care; Education; Food Bank Operations; Religious Camp Administration

Public Service & Program Administration: Cultural Education; Policy Development; Volunteer Coordination; Faith-Based Initiatives

Religiously Affiliated Areas: Religious leaders of all Denominations; Management & Administration of Religious Organizations

Social Services: Case Management & Administration; Counseling; Immigrant & Refugee Services; Rehabilitation; Vocational Training; Programming; Advocacy; Crisis Services

United Nations: Associate Experts Program; Headquarters Internship Program; Peace & Security Programs; Human Rights; Economic & Social Development; Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, & more