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Past Senior Honors Theses


Patrick Klena, "Duns Scotus and the Problem of Individuation." (Advisor: Dr. Mark Gossiaux)

Anders Neidl, "A Theory of Embodied Subjectivity" (Advisor: Dr. Joseph Berendzen)

Allison Rogers, "Justice at Work: A Rawlsian Theory of Corporate Governance" (Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peterson)

Victoria Ramos, "Rawls and Racial Injustice: Should Justice as Fairness be Colorblind?" (Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peterson)


Christopher Backes, "Aristotle and Aquinas on Soul and Intellect." (Advisor: Dr. Mark Gossiaux)

Florence Clement, "Sense Certainty and Pure Knowledge." (Advisor: Dr. Patrick Leland)

Karla Rosas, "Creating the Illegal: A Sartrean Analysis of U.S. Anti-Immigrant Culture." (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)

Riley White, "In Defense of a Unified Theory of Punishment: Restoring the Rights of Victims, Offenders, and the General Public." (Advisor: Dr. Joseph Berendzen)


Channel L. Huff, "The Subjectivity of Menopausal Women: A Foucauldian Analysis." (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)

Andrew J. Alpert, "The Analytics of Racial Power." (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)


Allyson LaBruzza, "Considering Chronic Illness: A Theoretical Analysis of the Chronic Care Model." (Advisor: Fr. Kevin Wildes)

Marissa Gentner, "A Feminist Analysis of 'The Look': Why The Objectification of Women is Objectively Objectionable." (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)


Michaela Kametani-Rider, "Human Enhancement and Gratitude for the Giftedness of Our Life and Abilities." (Advisor: Dr. Ginger Hoffman)

Rebekah C. Locke, "Heroes or Villains? A Lockean Approach to Justifying Vigilantism." (Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peterson)

Cullen P. Smith, "Mapping the Everyday: Locating a Place-Based Practice." (Advisor: Dr. John Clark)

Masako Melissa Hirsch, "Rape as a Weapon of Power: A Foucauldian Analysis of Sexual Violence." (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)


Calvin Monley, "The Mystery of Iniquity: The Transition from Existential Hermeneutic Phenomenology as the Interpretive Key to Paul Ricoeur's Account of Evil." (Advisor: Dr. Patrick Bourgeois)

Maria Rossi, "Conceptual versus Nonconceptual Content: Examining the Problems of Over-precision, the Recognition Restraint, and Concept-Possession in Defense of Demonstrative Concepts." (Advisor: Dr. Jon Altschul)


Nicholas Courtney, "Soul, Animal, Person: An Analysis of the Problem of Personhood." (Advisor: Dr. Mark Gossiaux)

Peter Santos, "Consciousness and Freedom: An Existential Description of the Being of Man in Dialogue with Sartre." (Advisor: Dr. Patrick Bourgeois)

Nathaneal Thacker, "Integrating Commuicative Norms into Self-Actualization: Habermas' Communicative Action, Chomsky's Generative Grammar, and Maslow's Hierarchy of Motivations." (Advisor: Dr. Joseph Berendzen)


Alex Langlinais, "Is Hegel a Strong Individuational Holist?" (Advisor: Dr. Joseph Berendzen)