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Past Senior Honors Theses


Jessica Coleman, "Thomas Aquinas and Jean-Paul Sartre: A Tale of Two Existentialists" (Drs, Mark Gossiaux and Constance Mui)

Allyssa Edwards, "Nuancing Nietzsche as a Neo-Hegelian: A Comparative Textual Analysis of Hegelian History and Nietzschean Genealogy" (Dr. Joseph Berendzen)

Franco Funes, "Thomas Aquinas and the Five Ways" (Dr. Mark Gossiaux)

Emly McCrory, "The Docility of Fraternity Brothers and the Abolition of Greek Life" (Dr. Joel MacClellan)


Zachary Dowling, "Data Surveillance Capitalism and the Panopticon: Examining the Convergence Between Online Surveillance and Market Incentives Through a Synthesis of Foucault and Marx" (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)

Coleman Green, "Duns Scotus: A Scholastic Refutation of Skepticism" (Advisor: Dr. Mark Gossiaux)

Regina Nicosia, "The Colonial Male Gaze: A Sartrean-Beauvoirian Analysis of the Oppression and Resistance of Indigenous Women Under Euromodernity" 

(Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)


Grant Dufrene, "The Philosophy of Art and 'the highest task of transcendental philosophy's in Schelling's System of Transcendental Idealism" (Advisor: Dr. Joseph Berendzen)

Carissa Harlow. "Pornography, Autonomy, and Alienation: The Debate Among Gayle Rubin, Catharine MacKinnon, and Sandra Bartky" (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)

Robert Laurent, "Francisco Suárez's Problem of Distinctions" (Advisor: Dr. Mark Gossiaux)

Camille Perry, "The Right to Resist Justice within the Carceral System" (Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peterson)

Bennett Plessala, "Thomas Aquinas on Devine Ideas" (Advisor: Dr. Mark Gossiaux)


Melody Bigelow-Monssen, "Michel Foucault and the Orleans Parish Prison Consent Decree" (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)

Dea Devlin, "Amending Naess' Ecology: Biocentric Communitarianism" (Advisor: Dr. Francis Coolidge)

Shavon Fletcher, "In Defense of Women of Color Feminisms" (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)

Kayla M. Koonz, "The Wrongfulness of Misgendering" (Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peterson)


Corina Lopez, "Disability Justice" (Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peterson)

Thanh Mai, "Women's Bodily Autonomy on the Net" (Advisor: Dr. Leonard Khan)

Payten Parfait, "Legal Objectivity and the Problem of Disagreement" (Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peterson)

William Jennings Riley, "The Philosophy of Hope" (Advisor: Dr. Leonard Khan)


McCalla Busman, "Nāgārjuna and the Teaching of Emptiness and Empty Language" (Advisor: Dr. John Clark)

Emily Polvado, "State of Exception: An Example of Sovereignty Theory in Modern Political Discourse" (Advisor: Dr. Joseph Berendzen)


Patrick Klena, "Duns Scotus and the Problem of Individuation." (Advisor: Dr. Mark Gossiaux)

Anders Neidl, "A Theory of Embodied Subjectivity" (Advisor: Dr. Joseph Berendzen)

Allison Rogers, "Justice at Work: A Rawlsian Theory of Corporate Governance" (Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peterson)

Victoria Ramos, "Rawls and Racial Injustice: Should Justice as Fairness be Colorblind?" (Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peterson)


Christopher Backes, "Aristotle and Aquinas on Soul and Intellect." (Advisor: Dr. Mark Gossiaux)

Florence Clement, "Sense Certainty and Pure Knowledge." (Advisor: Dr. Patrick Leland)

Karla Rosas, "Creating the Illegal: A Sartrean Analysis of U.S. Anti-Immigrant Culture." (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)

Riley White, "In Defense of a Unified Theory of Punishment: Restoring the Rights of Victims, Offenders, and the General Public." (Advisor: Dr. Joseph Berendzen)


Channel L. Huff, "The Subjectivity of Menopausal Women: A Foucauldian Analysis." (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)

Andrew J. Alpert, "The Analytics of Racial Power." (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)


Allyson LaBruzza, "Considering Chronic Illness: A Theoretical Analysis of the Chronic Care Model." (Advisor: Fr. Kevin Wildes)

Marissa Gentner, "A Feminist Analysis of 'The Look': Why The Objectification of Women is Objectively Objectionable." (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)


Michaela Kametani-Rider, "Human Enhancement and Gratitude for the Giftedness of Our Life and Abilities." (Advisor: Dr. Ginger Hoffman)

Rebekah C. Locke, "Heroes or Villains? A Lockean Approach to Justifying Vigilantism." (Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peterson)

Cullen P. Smith, "Mapping the Everyday: Locating a Place-Based Practice." (Advisor: Dr. John Clark)

Masako Melissa Hirsch, "Rape as a Weapon of Power: A Foucauldian Analysis of Sexual Violence." (Advisor: Dr. Constance Mui)


Calvin Monley, "The Mystery of Iniquity: The Transition from Existential Hermeneutic Phenomenology as the Interpretive Key to Paul Ricoeur's Account of Evil." (Advisor: Dr. Patrick Bourgeois)

Maria Rossi, "Conceptual versus Nonconceptual Content: Examining the Problems of Over-precision, the Recognition Restraint, and Concept-Possession in Defense of Demonstrative Concepts." (Advisor: Dr. Jon Altschul)


Nicholas Courtney, "Soul, Animal, Person: An Analysis of the Problem of Personhood." (Advisor: Dr. Mark Gossiaux)

Peter Santos, "Consciousness and Freedom: An Existential Description of the Being of Man in Dialogue with Sartre." (Advisor: Dr. Patrick Bourgeois)

Nathaneal Thacker, "Integrating Commuicative Norms into Self-Actualization: Habermas' Communicative Action, Chomsky's Generative Grammar, and Maslow's Hierarchy of Motivations." (Advisor: Dr. Joseph Berendzen)


Alex Langlinais, "Is Hegel a Strong Individuational Holist?" (Advisor: Dr. Joseph Berendzen)