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What Do I Do With a Philosophy Degree?

Philosophy majors and minors thrive in a wide variety of professional fields including business, civil service, computer and information science, education, law, and medicine.

Shopworn jokes about unemployed and unemployable philosophy majors might be funny, and even some presidential candidates have tried to get in on the fun. But the joke is on them. Philosophy majors earn more on average than majors in any other area of the humanities (like English, history, and religious studies) after 5-10 years of work experience and have a median annual income level of almost $100,000 after 20 years of experience. Philosophy majors also have higher average earnings than people who majored in biology, communication, criminology, psychology, and sociology, as well as comparable average earning to those who majored in chemistry, management, marketing, political science, and public relations. Of course, philosophy offers much more than the prospects of future professional success! But potential philosophy majors should know that they don't have to sacrifice educational quality for future earning power. 

Want to know more? You're in luck! Here are some sources for further reflection: 

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