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Environmental Roundtable Series

Environmental Roundtables are facilitated discussions of important environmental issues, hosted by the Loyola University Environment Program. Facilitators include Environment Program Faculty and guest hosts.


Upcoming Environmental Roundtables


February 8 2018 - 

March 8 2018 - 

March 22 2018 - 



Past Environmental Roundtables 


September 8 2016 - Robert Verchick, School of Law at Loyola University. Cultural Climate Cognition, Why Smart People Deny Climate Change

September 22 2016 - Craig Hood, Department of Biological Sciences and Director of the Environment Program at Loyola University. Living in the Anthropocene: It is not and cannot be ‘Business as Usual’

October 20 2016 - Joel MacClellan, Department of Philosophy at Loyola University. “Biodiversity Conservation and the Duty to Rescue: How to Play God in the Anthropocene” 

November 2 2016 - Robert Thomas, Endowed Chair in Environmental Communications and School of Mass Communications at Loyola University. Election 2016 and the Environment - Cancelled

November 11 2016 - David White, Department of Biological Sciences at Loyola University.  "TBA: AGW, AWE, GJH, PAC, PAT, USA, then HOPE"

January 26 2017 - Anthony Rizzi, a student from the Environment Program. "How to say N.O. to Climate Change: A Student’s Survival Guide on Local Environmental Issues"

February 9 2017 - Dr. Craig Hood, Director of the Environment Program, and Mr. Josh Fox, the Oscar nominated, Emmy-winning writer/director of How to Let Go of the World. They will facilitate a discussion entitled “Let’s Talk Environment”

February 23 2017 - This roundtable is an opportunity for the Loyola community to reflect upon Josh Fox's visit Feb. 9-10th, and to discuss the work that needs to be done now to address our understanding, analyzing, and responding to local, national, and global environmental challenges.  Faculty and students from the Environment Program will initiate our roundtable discussion by providing just a few "take home questions" in short 2-3 minute comments to stimulate our group discussion.

March 9 2017 - Canceled

March 23 2017 - Dr. Joon Heo, Research Fellow at the University of Michigan, will be giving a presentation on “Mapping Matters: Use of GIS Tools for Environmental Problem Solving.”

April 6 2017 - Dr. Eric Hardy and four Loyola students Max Boyce, Adrienne Ingram, Anthony Rizzi, and Brigid Richwine, all from the Environment Program attended this year’s LUC Climate Change Conference.  They will be having a panel discussion and inviting the audience to participate on finding “Loyola’s Green Glass Door: A Step into the Sustainable Future.”

September 14 2017 - Logan Atkinson Burke, Executive Director of the Alliance for Affordable Energy.  She will be leading a discussion on affordable energy and talking about student internship opportunities. 

September 28 2017 - Life by the Drop: A Forum on Water Management in NOLA. The discussion will be at 7 p.m. in Nunemaker Auditorium and is free and open to the public. Photo Gallery click here.

October 5 2017 - How does engaging with the environment take shape across very different disciplines? 

October 19 2017 - Solar PV – The National Landscape and What’s Going on in Your Backyard by Andrew Owens Director, Regulatory Research from Entergy.  Photo Gallery click here.

November 15 2017 - Fair Share v. Lion’s Share: Cyclists’ Rights and Motorists’ Pretensions
by Jonathan Maskit, Denison University  Photo Gallery click here.

November 30 2017 - Please join us for our last scheduled Environmental Roundtable for the semester. It will be held on Thursday, November 30th in Monroe Hall room 610 at 12:30pm.This will be A Student-Centered and Student-Driven Environmental Roundtable. Share your questions and explore how to find your place in working for Environmental Sustainability.