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Bachelor of Arts in English, Film and Digital Media

The Department of English is increasingly viewed as one of the pre-eminent departments at Loyola. For example, professors in the department swept the Faculty Excellence Awards, the first time a single department won all four awards in teaching, research, advising, and community service. Not surprisingly, the number of students majoring in English has grown so much over the past few years that we are approaching the department’s all-time record for majors. English faculty members have developed national and even international reputations for their creative and scholarly achievements, and our seniors are going on to some of the best graduate schools in the country.

Overview of Courses

In addition to a set of foundational literature courses, our curriculum includes six film and digital media electives so you can tailor the program to your interests and goals. Here’s a sample of what you can expect to learn and do:

  • Media and Mediation
    This course provides an introduction to the means by which creative narratives are being re-interpreted through film and other digital media.
  • Reading Film
    This course introduces students to reading films and gives some familiarity with film criticism. Students focus on different aspects of film, such as mise en scene, acting, editing, sound, photography, and ideology in order to understand both the aesthetic and the political role film plays in modern life.
  • How to Do Things with Videogames
    This course considers videogames as a cultural form. It prepares students to analyze and compare the ways videogames make meaning and participate in the social lives of their players. It introduces students to critical discussions surrounding videogames and some methodologies for interpreting them.
  • Studies in American Cinema
    This is a special topics course that offers students the opportunity to study film directors, genres, or period films. This course may be repeated when topics change.
  • Feature Screenwriting I
    In this course, students learn formatting and elements of screenwriting by adapting a short story into a script for a short film. Each student also develops a story and completes as the final project a treatment for an original feature-length screenplay.

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  • ENGL A206 Reading Poetry
  • ENGL A217 Reading Historically I
  • ENGL A218 Reading Historically II
  • ENGL Literature
  • ENGL Literature
  • ENGL Literature
  • ENGL A220 Media and Mediation
  • ENGL Film and Digital Media
  • ENGL Film and Digital Media
  • ENGL Film and Digital Media
  • ENGL Film and Digital Media
  • ENGL Film and Digital Media

Limit of one Loyola Core course may be used in the major.

All courses must be taken in the English Department except with Chair’s permission. Limit two (2) film courses from other departments.


English Course Information

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