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Declare A Minor

These instructions are only for students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Use this information to either declare a Minor or to drop a Minor.

College of Business students, see

College of Music and Media students, see


1. Prepare an email with the below information in your SUBJECT line:

First and Last name, Campus-wide ID#, Adding/Dropping, and the name of the Minor.


For example:

John Smith, ID#12345678 – Add a SUBJ Minor OR 

Jane Smith, ID#87654321 – Drop my SUBJ Minor


2. Send to:

CAS students with last names A-J, Sara Clark,

CAS students with last names K-Z, Elisabeth Lee,

CAS Honors Students A-Z, Christina DiMaggio,


3. Your new requirements will appear in your Progress tab (in your LORA account), usually the next day.

Access LORA through your Single-Sign-On Portal.


4. Hard-copy Minor tracking sheets can be printed from the Bulletin:

Requirements may be different for students depending on what year they started at Loyola.


If you started at Loyola in 2022, go to the current Bulletin, here:


If you started in an earlier year, go to the Bulletin Archives here:


Then navigate to the department, or college, or the interdisciplinary Minor and print or bookmark the tracking document.