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Leonard Kahn

Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Associate Professor of Philosophy

Leonard Kahn
Leonard Kahn

Before coming to Loyola, I taught in the Department of Philosophy at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During the 2021-2022 academic year I was that Donald and Beverly Freeman Fellow at the US Naval Academy's Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership. I have also been a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta and a Visiting Scholar at both the Yale University Center for Bioethics and the Hastings Center for Bioethics. I completed my doctorate at the University of Oxford (Magdalen College) under the supervision of Derek Parfit and Roger Crisp. While working on my doctorate, I was a Visiting Lecturer at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and at the University of Reading in Reading, UK.

My primary areas of research are moral theory and applied ethics, especially the ethics of technology, though my teaching interests include political philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophy of mind and action, feminist philosophy, and both decision and game theory.

My most recent publications:

Occasionally, I publish lighter pieces that intersect with various aspects of popular culture.

  • "Not a Machine to be Built after a Model: Personal Autonomy and Manipulation in Asimov’s Foundation Series," Asimov’s Foundation and Philosophy, ed. by Joshua Heter and Josef Thomas Simpson, Carus (Author, Forthcoming)

  • "AI Risk, Moral Agency, and Computers That Can Suffer," Sam Harris: Critical Responses, ed. by Sandra Woein, Carus (Author, Forthcoming)

  • Humanity’s Dilemma before Abaddon’s Gate, The Expanse and Philosophy, ed. by Bill Irwin, Blackwell. Also featured by the editor as a blog post (Author, 2021)

  • How Not to Make the Universe Grateful: Population Ethics for Mad Gods, Avengers Infinity Saga and Philosophy, ed. by Robert Arp and Heather L. Rivera, Open Court (Autor, 2020)


D. Phil, Oxford University

Classes Taught

  • Ethics
  • Making Moral Decisions
  • Philosophy of the Human Person
  • Honors Seminar: Matters of Life and Death
  • Philosophy and Feminism
  • Senior Seminar: The Ethics of War
  • Global Ethics
  • Honors Seminar: The Social Contract and Its Limits
  • Decision and Game Theory
  • Honors Seminar: Forgiveness
  • Social Justice
  • Senior Seminar: Problems from Parfit
  • ​Honors Seminar: Social Justice, from Theory to Practice 
  • Law and Morality
  • Honors Seminar: Freedom, Rights, and the State of Nature
  • Honors Seminar: World Poverty and Effective Altruism 
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • First-Year Seminar: Philosophy and Science Fiction Films
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Moral Reasoning for Naval Leaders
  • Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Areas of Expertise

Moral Theory and Applied Ethics