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Advising Handbook - Summary of Degree Requirements


1.  Successful completion of at least 120 credits. (Some departments require more).

2.  At least 2.0 Loyola cumulative grade point average (GPA), major GPA, and minor GPA, if a minor is pursued. (Some departments may have more stringent requirements).

3.  Completion of the Common Curriculum.

4.  Completion of all course requirements specified by major department.

5.  Completion of at least 30 credits in the major.  (Some departments require more).

6.  Certification for graduation by student's College.

7.  Completion of a comprehensive examination in the major for those departments requiring it.  Departments requiring a comprehensive exam will establish and publish in advance the nature of the exam and the standard for acceptable performance.

8.  Completion of the last 30 credits of course work in residence at Loyola.  Residency requirements: a minimum of 15 credits in the major, 9 credits in the minor (if pursued), and a minimum of 12 credits in the Common Curriculum.

REMINDER:   Students should initiate the graduation process by APPLYING FOR GRADUATION two semesters before they expect to graduate or upon the completion of 85 earned credits.  Applications are filed on-line via the Office of Student Records web page.


Students wishing to officially withdraw from the University must complete the WITHDRAWAL FORM. If the student withdraws prior to the LAST DAY TO RECEIVE AN ADMINISTRATIVE WITHDRAWAL, the student will receive a W in each course.  If the student wishes to withdraw after the published date, he/she must see the Associate Dean.  When permission after the deadline is given (for medical reasons only) the student must see the Vice President of Student Affairs.  Please keep detailed records.


Students who wish to leave the University, but only for a semester or two, should fill in the “Leave of Absence” section of the WITHDRAWAL FORM.  By doing so, the student will avoid the need to go through the admissions process when he/she returns to campus. N.B.: A student may not study at another university without the prior written authorization of the Associate Dean during a leave of absence. Students planning to study abroad through another university should NOT file a leave of absence form; they should contact the Center for International Education and the Associate Dean in order to be coded in SIS to retain their matriculation status, and must file appropriate forms with the Office of Financial Aid to ensure that their aid awards will be kept intact until their return.


Students may be allowed to take summer courses at other institutions only for compelling reasons. Students must obtain prior permission from their academic advisor, departmental chairperson, and the Associate Dean to enroll in courses at another college or university.  Under no circumstances are students who are not in academic good standing (e.g., on academic probation, pending disciplinary actions, or outstanding financial balance) granted permission to attend another institution.  Only earned credits, not grades, transfer back to Loyola; therefore, study at another institution cannot improve a student’s GPA. Only transfer courses in which grades of “C” or better will be used as earned credits for the Loyola degree.

If courses in the major or minor are to be taken elsewhere, these courses must be specifically approved by the advisor and department chair.  Be sure, before authorizing, that the student will have completed enough Loyola courses in the major or minor to meet the residency requirement (15 credits in major, 9 credits in minor). It is recommended that permission for science courses taken elsewhere requires the approval of the student's advisor and is sought from the chair of the science department.  The Associate Dean gives final approval.

Students who will have reached Junior status (56 earned credits) by the end of the Spring semester will not be permitted to attend a two-year college in the summer.

If the eligible student receives all the necessary approvals, the Dean's Office will send a LETTER OF GOOD STANDING to the institution in question.

Upon completion of the study away, it is the student’s responsibility to request an official transcript be sent to the Office of the Dean in order to receive transfer credit.


Loyola participates in a consortium program with the American University in Washington, D.C.  Loyola students enrolled in this program pay tuition to American University, and both their credits and grades are posted to their Loyola academic record.


An undergraduate student whose cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0 will be placed on ACADEMIC PROBATION.  During the next semester (Fall or Spring), the student must carry and complete a minimum of 12 credits but not more than 16 credits.  If the student is not successful in raising his/her cumulative GPA to a 2.0, the student is subject to suspension from the University.