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Advising Handbook - HNS Program Details

Faculty advisors must be available throughout the academic year, but their role is especially important during August orientation, the drop/add period of each semester and pre-registration periods.  Advisors help students plan their program of study, explore career alternatives, and help resolve any academic problems their advisees may encounter.  Faculty advisors will also ensure that the undergraduate academic experience is as valuable as possible by assisting students in the sequencing of their course work. Students should be aware, however, that knowledge of and adherence to regulations of Loyola, both academic and otherwise, are the ultimate responsibility of the student.  

All Humanities and Natural Sciences students are assigned an advisor in the department of their major. Students also must have a secondary academic advisor in the department of their minor or second major. Students in the University Honors Program must also consult with the Honors Director regarding their honors curriculum.  General Studies advising is accomplished under the supervision of the Associate Dean and Academic Advisors in the Dean’s Office with the aid of selected faculty members.  Each Fall semester, many, but not all, General Studies freshmen are placed in special introductory common curriculum sections in which the instructor also serves as the academic advisor.

Humanities & Natural Sciences Program Design

Every academic major has a DEGREE PROGRAM COURSE LIST (DPCL), which lists graduation requirements for that particular major   Students are held to the requirements of the academic year they began their matriculation.  While there may be occasion to reference the programs of study outside of your department, please do not advise student in another department or college. Sent them to the departmental Chairperson or the Dean’s Office.  With the exception of GENERAL STUDIES, each DPCL is divided into four parts:

Please realize that students who leave the University for more than 2 semesters must complete the degree requirements of the year they are re-admitted to the University.