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Advising Handbook - General Studies


 The General Studies Program is designed for students who are uncertain about a major degree program.  Emphasis is placed on pursuing both the Common Curriculum requirements and offering the student a broad introduction to various academic disciplines.  Humanities and Natural Sciences offers special sections of Introductory Common Curriculum courses for general studies students, and the faculty member teaching the course also serves as the students’ academic advisor until they declare a major or switch advisor.  There are also several faculty members that serve as general studies advisors.  When advising these students, it is important to help guide them to a major that best suits their intellectual and professional development.  While it is important to keep students on track to a timely graduation, scheduling only introductory common curriculum courses will not provide them with the opportunity to explore different majors.  Please make sure you help students select a balanced course schedule that will be intellectually engaging and help them find their academic/life goals.  A mix of courses that include common curriculum courses, major courses in areas that interest the student, foreign language or general electives is encouraged.  Students should be encouraged to leave the General Studies program as soon as they have decided on a major.  They may remain in the program for a maximum of 55 credits or the end of their sophomore year.  This requirement may not be extended without the permission of the Associate Dean.  The Associate Dean, in conjunction with specified faculty members, serves as program directors.