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2023 College of Arts and Sciences Award Winners!

Congratulations to the 2023 Students, Faculty and Staff Award Winners!


Faculty Excellence Awards

Excellence in Advising Award

Dr. Evan Zucker, Department of Psychological Sciences

Excellence in Community Service Award

Dr. Rae Taylor, Department of Criminology and Justice

Excellence in Research Award

Dr. Frank Jordan, Department of Biological Sciences

Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Cody Melcher, Department of Sociology

Dr. Connie Mui, Department of Philosophy


Staff Excellence Award

Susan Thomassie, Biological Sciences


College Student Awards

The Reverend Percy A. Roy, S.J., Memorial Award

Gabriel Lesser

The Reverend James Carter, S.J. Transfer Student Award

Ella Conway


Department Awards


Biological Sciences

The St. Joseph Pignatelli, S.J. Award for Dedicated Service and Achievement in the Biological Sciences


The Rev. John H. Mullahy, S.J. Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Sciences

The Ruth and Lee Faust Award for the Outstanding Graduating Senior in Biological Sciences


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Outstanding Senior in Forensic Chemistry Major

Kassidy Brewer


Award for Excellence in Biochemistry

Elena Voisin


The American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

Ana Villalobos Galindo


The American Chemical Society Award - Louisiana Section Award for Outstanding Senior

Ana Villalobos Galindo


The American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry

Robert Schuh

Taylor Shabankareh


The Bailey-Hopper Award for Service, Potential, and Academic Achievement

Robert Schuh


American Institute of Chemists Student Award

Amber Byrd


Jasjit Walia Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry

David Englehart 


Kurt R. Birdwhistell Award for Excellence in General Chemistry 

Mitchelle Okoli


Post Baccalaureate Award for Excellence in General Chemistry

Elena Voison


Criminology and Justice

Dr. Patrick D. Walsh Integrity Award


Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award - B.A. Criminology and Justice


Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award - Bachelor of Criminology and Justice


Outstanding Graduate Scholar Award - Masters of Criminology and Justice




Outstanding College of Arts and Sciences Economics Senior Award




Award of Excellence in Literature (Junior)

Mary Bennett

Lawrence Bourgeois


Award of Excellence in Writing (Junior)

Ayana Cormier


Julian Wasserman Outstanding Literature Major Award (Senior)

Nylah Murphy


Katherine H. Adams Award for Outstanding English Writing Major (Senior)

Chloe Evans


The Dawson Gaillard Award for Poetry

Blair Law


The Dawson Gaillard Award for Fiction

Chloe Evans


The Dawson Gaillard Award for Best Essay

Mary Bennett


The Dawson Gaillard Award for Best Script

Anya Levicki


John Biguenet Distinguished Alumni Award

Lori Lyons



The Most Outstanding Environment Major Service Award

Sydney Lowman

The Most Outstanding Environment Major Research Award

Olivia Guerra



Outstanding History Graduate


Outstanding History Senior Thesis



Languages and Cultures

Excellence in French Award

Alexandra Graindorge-Alday

The Richard A. Frank Memorial Award for Excellence in Modern Foreign Languages

Molly Sullivan

Excellence in Spanish Award

Nicholas Burtchaell

The Center for Latin American Studies Award

Alanna Olsen

The Solidarity Award for Outstanding Latin American Studies Student

Rye Oommen



The Rev. Guy Lemieux, S. J. Award for Excellence in Philosophy

Alvin J. Holloway S.J. Award



The Rev. Francis A. Benedetto, S.J. Award for Excellence in Physics


The Rev. Karl A. Maring, S.J. Award

Special Projects Award in Physics



Political Science

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Political Science


Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Political Science Minor



Psychological Sciences

Outstanding Service to the University Award

Victoria Blondell

Zia Sampson  

Professional and Academic Achievement Award

Victoria Blondell

Grace Patrick  

Gerald S. Clack Community Engagement Award

Emily Vinet

Paddy Ann Doll Psychology Senior Academic Achievement Award

PSYC - Victoria Blondell  

PSYP - Yama Mistry   

PSYN - Xavier Preston  

PSYO - Faith Wilson 


Psychological Sciences Neuroscience Program

Outstanding Service: Alexis Baptiste

Outstanding Research: Zaria Rodriguez

Outstanding Academic Achievement: China Dix



Lydia Voigt Dux Sociologicus Award


Social Justice Scholarship Award for Outstanding Community Activism


Jerrol M. Seaman "Spirit of Gemeinschaft" Award



Women's Resource Center

Distinguished Service to the WRC


Feminist Leadership Award



Women's Studies

Sr. Faro Impastato Award


Barbara C. Ewell Women's Studies Essay Award


Nancy Fix Anderson Women's Studies Essay Award


Collaborative Faculty-Student Grant