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Fall 2022 Capstone Presentations

Congratulations to the following students for completing their capstone. Below you will find the students who finished their A480/A481 course in Fall 2022 divided by their capstone advisors. Also included is a short description of each student's research.


Dr. McGlynn-Wright:


Natalie Butler, “The Age of Burnout: How New Orleans Charter School System is Failing Teachers”

Natalie’s research project uses survey data from New Orleans Trauma-Informed Schools Learning Collaborative (TIS-LC) to understand how gender, race, emotional well-being and stressors may lead to New Orleans teachers wanting to leave the profession. The project highlights how the all-charter school system in New Orleans needs to be reformed, investing in more resources and support for teachers in order to alleviate high demands and workloads.


Daisi Rivera, “Media & Social Movements: An Eisner Cove Wetland Case Study”

Daisi’s project studies the difference between social media and news media, and its relationship to social movements through focusing on the issue of the Eisner Cove Wetland.


Dr. Melcher:


Jacob Calderon, “Does Playing Soccer Affect College Admissions?”

Jacob’s project uses 28 semi-structured interviews to determine whether or not playing youth soccer has an effect on attending college. He finds that economic class is the primary determinant of both playing youth soccer and attending college.


Matthew Mastin, “Mental Health and Public Spending”

Matthew’s project uses a large-scale, international survey to determine the effect of social spending on the mental health of individuals. He finds that as the size of the welfare state increases, the number of depressive episodes among individuals also decreases.


Dr. Talukdar:


Jena Hieber, “Life During the Pandemic: A Qualitative Study of Social Bonds, ‘Dislocation,’ and Overall Stress and Well-being among Selected College Students”

Jena’s research explores the impact of the change in social bonds caused by the pandemic on students’ well-being and social connections.


Clare Sullivan, “How Does Feminizing Policing Impact Communities Affected by Domestic Violence? Continuing the Implementation of The Duluth Model in New Orleans”

Clare’s project analyzes the impact of feminized organizational structures on the level of trust in police.