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Vision and Mission Statement


Today, more than ever, our World is both enriched and challenged by cultural and religious diversity. Our encounters with the cultural and religious "other" compel us to see religion as a crucial factor in political and cultural discourses, calling for informed analysis. Through our academic study of religious traditions, we strive to work toward a just and peaceful world, foster intercultural and interreligious cooperation, and promote the common good.


Reflection of lived religious experiences, in light of the Religious Studies disciplines, connects us to our Jesuit and Catholic mission. Rooted in our Jesuit tradition, of self-reflective, critical scholarship, and engagement for social justice and peace, Religious Studies department focuses on the study of religions from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. We explore religious traditions in their historical, cultural, post-modern and post-colonial contexts. We seek to understand how religions evolve, impact our world today, and shape our future. Our scholarly engagement with religion, theology, and ethics enables us to:

  • Reflect critically on religious experience.

  • Foster empathic relationships in an increasingly diverse world.

  • Explore how religious practice and faith promotes justice, peace, and environmental awareness.

  • Work towards the development of more just and sustainable societies, both locally and globally.

  • Collaborate with others for the common good and well-being of all.​