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Gnuse Presents at Conferences in Rome and New Orleans

Through the summer and the fall Dr. Gnuse's primary energy was spent on generating a book manuscript entitled, No Tolerance for Tyrants: The Biblical Assault on Kings and Kingship. This work is designed as an undergraduate supplementary college textbook, which Dr. Gnuse intends to use in his Intro to Old Testament course. It is essentially more theological and rhetorical (liberation theology) than scholarly. This textbook is currently under submission to St. Mary’s Press, a press that specializes in college textbooks, especially in the area of religion.

Recently, Dr. Gnuse also generated two articles: 1) A significantly revised version of “The Tale of Babel in Gen 11: A Parable of Divine Judgment or Human Cultural Diversification?,” has been submitted to Biblische Zeitschrift, and 2) “The Biblical Assault on Kingship in the Moses Traditions” has been submitted and accepted for publication by Biblical Theology Bulletin.

Dr. Gnuse has also generated two convention papers to be read at the following conventions: 1) “The Prophetic Narratives in Kings as Precursor to the Pentateuchal Elohist Tradition,” International Society of Biblical Literature, Rome, July 3, 2009, 2) “Genesis 11: a Parable of Nabonidus’ Building Projects,” Society of Biblical Literature National Convention, New Orleans, November, 2009.