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Physics SPS Seminar Series

DATE:Tuesday, October 25, 2016
TIME: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
SPEAKER: Ryan Glasser, Department of Physics & Engineering Physics - Tulane University


Quantum Optics and Fast Light: Correlation in the Dispersive Regime.

The seminar will explore nonlinear and quantum optics and how they can be used as a tool to investigate the fundamental physics involving the broad field of quantum information. For example, one can generate quantum states of light that exhibit entanglement and other nonclassical behavior. By manipulating such states, it is possible to investigate how entanglement fundamentally behaves under a variety of circumstances. Another aspect of this research is applying quantum states of light to various "real-world" scenarios, such as interferometry, lithography, and communication and computation schemes, to achieve improvements beyond certain classical limits.


In this talk I will describe a method of generating quantum states of light, known as four-wave mixing.  This process also generates large dispersive effects, resulting in extreme manipulations of the group velocity of light.  While "slow" light is a comfortable topic for most physicists, there is a similar, albeit strange at first glance, effect known as "fast" light.  In this case, the group velocity of light pulses can appear to be sped up such that they propagate with a speed that is faster than the speed of light in vacuum.  How does such a system obey causality?  An experiment that investigates the fundamental physical effects that enforce causality in these "fast" light scenarios, by using entangled states of light, will be described.  Time permitting, I will conclude with some discussion of ongoing experiments in our lab at Tulane.




Pizzas & Drinks will be served. Please arrive 10 minutes early!              


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