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Physics students receive three Kent/Mullahy grants for 2016

The Drs. Rachel and Stephen Kent Research Endowment for Science and Mathematics and Rev. John H. Mullahy, S.J., Research Endowment for the Sciences were established to support collaborative research by faculty and students. This year out of six grants, three were awarded to Physics students.

My-Hanh Truong received a stipend to do research with Dr. Katja Schaefer on structural optimization of amorphous graphene. She will use a modified genetic algorithm to obtain structures representing low lying energy minima of large scale atomistic graphene systems.

Andrew Eddins received a grant for “Innovative Physics Demonstrations for Student Outreach and Instructional Use”. Andrew will purchase equipment and develop physics demonstration for use in Loyola courses and outreach events for local schools.

Richard Bustos received funds to support a project “Innovators at work – Projects for the Electronics Club”. The aim is to design and build a functional drone as one of the projects for the newly organized Electronics Club. Dr. Armin Kargol is the faculty advisor for both Andrew’s and Richard’s projects.