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Loyola Physics Students participate in “Science Night” at Samuel Green Charter school

Throughout the nights kids would approach the table, for instance, to find a ball suspended by simply the force of air. As they became evermore intrigued, they began to ask questions as to how it was doing so? The Loyola physics students explained that this is due to the Bernouli principle and that this is how airplanes fly or F1 racers hug the ground. Excited by this once mysterious force of science, students would then follow to the pressure experiments dealing with a glove and or marshmallow in a glass bell. When you take the air out of the bell the pressure changes the state of either the marshmallow or the glove causing them to expand. Still mesmerized, the kids would jump to the last experiment; the Van de Graaff generator. This generator consists of a charged belt pursuing an oval motion through a hollow metal dome to create an electrostatic field in which you can see and feel the static. The kids loved the table and understanding how it functions, and the Loyola students enjoyed being able to help some of the kids build a healthy curiosity.


Although, some of the kids did recognize some of the experiments from previous years so maybe next time we could introduce a new concept? just a thought