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Carl Brans' work among 32 most influential papers on General Relativity in the past 100 years

As part of activities marking the centennial of the publication of Albert Einstein’s groundbreaking work in General Relativity, the American Physical Society has put together a short list of the landmark papers published in APS journals these past one hundred years. Among the works authored by celebrated physicists such as Einstein himself, Stephen Hawking, Robert Oppenheimer, Roger Penrose etc. is a paper by our own Carl Brans (coauthored with Robert Dicke).

The paper published in the Physical Review in 1961 is entitled 'Mach’s Principle and a Relativistic Theory of Gravitation'. It established what came to be known as the Brans-Dicke theory, and has endured as among the most important works in General Relativity over the past hundred years.