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Student Research

The Department of Mathematical Sciences strongly encourages all students to actively participate in research. Students assist faculty in their research projects, develop their own research topics with the help of faculty mentors or participate in seminars, workshops and organizations devoted to promoting undergraduate research. The research done by the students has lead to papers that were published in regional and national publications, presentations at the local, regional and national levels, grants funded by local and national organizations, and other measurements of success.

Recent student research projects leading to the Honors degree in mathematics:
  • Leah Birch, 2012: The Xbar-S Synthetic Charts.
    Thesis Advisor: Dr. Maria Calzada.
  • Jamal E. Lawson, 2011: Blow up of solutions along degenerate characteristics.
    Thesis Advisor: Dr. Katarzyna Saxton.
  • Taniecea Arceneaux, 2005: The Influence of Damping on Some Hyperbolic Conservation Laws.
    Thesis Advisor: Dr. Katarzyna Saxton.
  • Thair Judeh, 2005: Composition of Algebraic Codes.
    Thesis Advisor: Dr. Ralph Tucci.
  • Matthew Smith, 2005: Finite Group Actions in Low Dimensions.
    Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Kelly.