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French-o-Thon 2015

Our first edition of the "FRENCHOTHON: a trivia competition on France" drew 30 students who participated actively during the 75-minute session on October 21, 2015. The students' majors were varied, and the winners received some amazing prizes!
Here are the winners followed by their major and their respective score:

- 1st place: Kelsey Van Dam (Biology) 84%

- 2nd place: Ashlyn Haycook (French/Sociology) 74%. She is a current tutor in the language lab!

- 3rd place: Lauren Lankenau (International Business & Economy) 72%

- 4th place: Jebari Lewis (Journalism) 70%

- 5th place: Connor Crowe (Psychology) 69%

- 6th place: Fransesca Bua (English) 67%

- 7th place: Benjamin Javits ( Criminal Law) 66%

Thank you to Dr. Jean Brager and Dr. Alice Kornovich for organizing the trivia event, and to Cyprien Bullock (a binational student), who was instrumental in the preparation of the questionnaire and Zoe Blair, who designed the attention-grabbing poster. Meredith from the Media Services made sure that the session ran smoothly. Merci aussi au Consulat Général de France for providing half of the prizes.