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Academic Plan: French or Spanish with Teaching Certification

The Academic Plan maps out which courses you might take each semester to finish the degree in 4 years. This is flexible and is meant as a guide only.

Academic Plan for major concentrations in French and Spanish with Teaching Certification

Year 1

Fall                                                                                         Spring

FREN/SPAN A200*                                                           FREN/SPAN A201*

First-Year Seminar                                                           Loyola Core Foundation Course—SCIE-T129

Loyola Core Foundation Course--MATH                      TEAC A343—Classroom Management

Loyola Core Foundation Course--ENGL                       TEAC A100—Multicultural Education--  

PHIL I                                                                                                     (fulfills Social Science req.)

                                                                                            MATH—2nd required Math for Teaching


Year 2

Fall                                                                                         Spring

FREN/SPAN A300-level                                                  FREN/SPAN A300-499+

TEAC A310—Reading in Content Area                        RELS I   

WAL                                                                                   PHIL II  

SCI II                                                                                  TEAC A210—Special Needs

PSYC A255—Adolescent psychology                           FREN/SPAN A300-499


Year 3**

Fall                                                                                         Spring

FREN/SPAN A300-499                                                     FREN/SPAN A300-499

FREN/SPAN A300-499                                                     RELS II

General Elective                                                               FREN/SPAN A300-499                                                                    

HIST I                                                                                  HIST II

General Elective                                                               General Elective


Year 4

Fall                                                                                         Spring

FREN/SPAN A300-499                                                     FREN/SPAN A480—Capstone (1 cred.)

TEAC A410—Teaching Residency I                               TEAC A301—Secondary Methods II

TEAC A300—Secondary Methods I                              TEAC A412—Teaching Residency II (6 cred.)

General Elective                                                              General Elective

General Elective                                                              



*If you need to start from the 100 level, these classes are General Electives and do not count towards the major itself, but you will receive credit for them. If you place at a higher level, you will still need 31 hours total to complete the major.

+At least one course at this level must fulfill the Creative Arts and Cultures category.

**We encourage a study abroad semester, but it will require careful planning of the Teacher Education requirements.