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Environmental Roundtable

Environmental Roundtables are facilitated discussions of important environmental issues, hosted by the Loyola University Environment Program. Facilitators include Environment Program students, faculty and guest hosts.

The Fall, 2022 and Spring, 2023 Environmental Roundtable series will focus on the transitions that the communities and businesses of Louisiana will navigate together to address climate change. Louisiana is a global energy hub at the center of active zero carbon technology development and deployment. Its communities are uniquely susceptible to the environmental impacts of climate change as well as the social impacts of a dramatic economic transition.

The series will explore the opportunities and issues associated with this transition and work to build understanding across the university and community. The series will explore the current status of international agreements and US industrial policy to develop and deploy new energy technologies. This will lead to the exploration of opportunities and issues associated with the transitions in energy and end-use sectors including the Hydrogen Economy, Decarbonizing the Electric Grid, Electric Vehicles, How Communities Respond, and Policy/ESG trends in government and business.


Drinking water is fundamental and New Orleans has been faced with a potential emergency as record low water on the Mississippi River allowed salt water to move up river and threaten drinking water supplies.  Join us on Thursday to discuss this event with Ricky Boyett of the Army Corps of Engineers and Austin Fieldbaum of the City of New Orleans.  We will discuss this and other threats to drinking water and how the city prepares now and for the future.  The monthly roundtable sponsored by the Loyola Environment Program organizes discussions on various topics on the environment and sustainability. For more information, contact our Roundtable coordinators -- Jim Schott ( and Anat Burger (



Title of Talk: New Orleans Drinking Water: Mitigating Saltwater and Other Threats

When: November 2nd

Time: 12:30 – 1:30 pm

Where: Monroe Hall 610

Zoom Registration Link: Here


  • Austin Feldbaum - Director of Hazard Mitigation, City of New Orleans

  • Ricky Boyett - US Army Corps of Engineers