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Loyola University Professor by Day and NOLA Batman by Night

Kayla Bertucci, WGNO/WNOL put together a story on our very own NOLA Batman, Dr. Craig Hood, Director of the Environment Program, which aired on December 3, 2018.  Here is the link to the story.

NEW ORLEANS -- Did you know that tens of thousands of bats live in the greater New Orleans area?        According to Loyola University Professor, Dr. Craig Hood, there are many different species living in our own backyard. Dr. Hood waits until the sun goes down to take his students to different locations for research. One of those spots is Audubon Park where bats roost in trees such as the live oak.

Fun facts about our local bats--

  • "Bats have one baby at a time, one or two. They take care of them until they are basically teenagers ready to go to college," says Dr. Hood.
  • "They sleep during the day and are active at night."
  • "All of our bats are relatively small in terms of big. They are about the size of a small sparrow, and they are all insect eating," says Dr. Hood.
  • That means there are no vampire bats here.