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Loyola Strength in Diversity Grant awarded to two Biology students

Congratulations to Abby Perez (BIOL'20) and Chloe Dupleix (BIOL'20) for receiving the Loyola Strength in Diversity grant to fund the Late Nights at Loyola events that they will co-direct this academic year.  We would love for all of you to come see what our students are doing to make a difference with kids who attend Anna's Place, a non-profit organization that aims to enrich inner city, economically disadvantaged, at-risk youth in the Nola area. The students come to campus twice a semester (Sept 23, Oct 28, Feb 4, Mar 31) to engage in hands-on learning activities that include both laboratory and field techniques taught by Loyola students, faculty and alumni. Programs like this are particularly important for African-American students who go to schools that are less likely to offer advanced science courses (In Nola schools that are predominantly African-American, only 23% offer Calculus and 59% Physics according to LDOE, 2017).